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Thursday, October 18, 2018
Costa: Much more than a Jackpot sponsor

A month to go as go over 100 team mark
20th Annual! Countdown continues for Nov. 7-10 Jackpot

Signups are up from last year; and what changes are in store for this year?  A field of over 150 teams is expected at  the 2018 Los Cabo Tuna Jackpot slated Nov. 7-10; Last year  we doled out $677,300 to nine teams; Plenty of time to enter! 

THE YO-ZURI WELCOME PARTY starts with a shot of  Cantera Negra tequila ( , a slide show from 2017 as you enter,  a video from last year, sponsor drawings, and rundown of the rule changes, info on the fishing and party schedule and improvements to the event. Each year we try to improve it. (Some changes will be a surprise). 

CABO SAN LUCAS – The final month of preparation for the 20th annual WON;/Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot has begun, with signups flowing in at a pace that is ahead of last year’s schedule in which 147 teams competed. As of this post, Wednesday the 3rd, we have just over 100 teams. 

The largest tuna tourney in the world every year, was started in 1999 with 112 teams, is also the biggest tourney in Mexico. It will be staged over four days, Nov. 7-10.

“It appears people are ready to get down there in Cabo and have some fun,” said tourney director Pat McDonell. “We expect 70-foot mega sportfishers to super pangas to be competing as usual. We also anticipate great fishing, and already we have seen and confirmed three fish over 200, and one over 300 pounds caught, and the fish are are spread out on the porpoise schools and local banks both up the Sea of Cortez and Pacific sides. And, wahoo and bigger dorado are now in the waters.”

For more details on the event that features nine events and two days of fishing over four days, see the official website at www.loscabostunajackpot .com or (events or the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot blog) or the Facebook page.

So, what changes can teams expect? There are several subtle changes to streamline and improve. Here they are:

-- In terms of rules, there were two changes. One, boats that broken down cane towed back too weigh in. It was a safety question, and one of fairness. No one is going to get to the sale quickly by being towed. But some teams might drift for hours in the hopes of getting repaired in order to weigh in under the old rule. Two, in the case of a tie, there is no coin flip. Money will be divided in accordance with how many teams tie. One option was to award money to the earliest weigh-in, but then the advantage is to the fastest boat. More teams winning is the goal.

-- Another change is the weigh-in scale will be elevated onto a stage for better visibility, more sponsor visibility around the stage with banners, and a 14-foot ramp is being created on site to get fish wheeled up to the four-foot high stage and the scale. Don't fall off the stage! A TV monitor on the stage car the IWS scale will be updated with the weights and current leaders. 


-- the Friday Fiesta will be a lively affair at Maria Corona's restaurant located one street behind Squid Row. Beautiful setting and catered by Baja Cantina's facility. Many of the contests will be announced and awarded except for the Grand Prize.


-- There will be three wristbands. One for each dinner if you are only going to that Friday or Saturday event, or a single wristband for for both. Cost is $80 for both dinners for non team members, or $40 for each event. It got confusing.

-- If you are at the Friday Fiesta and said to get in, you are in the drawings. 

-- The 800-person awards dinner will be at the pier, and will be streamlined. Music, food, drawings, and daily honoring the winners and staff and sponsors. No contests or live auctions or long speeches. Just the winning teams being interviewed and honored, music when you arrive, great food; the seating layout will be better designed for sight lines with two screens at the stage, full string lighting in the venue, catered by Solomon's Landing again. Drink tickets are still prepaid, and it works waaaaay better as tax and service are included and no credit cards or calculators for the exchange rate are needed. Each table will have a basic menu of drinks cost in tickets. A beer is $2, etc. Order and pay with the tickets you bought at the entrance or from a person selling them near the tables.

-- When you buy drink tickets are the Friday Fiesta and the Saturday awards, if you don't use them, you can redeem them (with drinks) at caterer establishments Baja Cantina, Maria Corona Restaurant or Solomon's. 

-- The charity will again be There will be several ways to contribute. The $30 start boat charters both days on the Cabo Escape, the Grand Raffle, a silent auction at the awards, the sale of short sleeve T-shirts from Minerva's, and as always many items from Costa will be sold and money will go to the fund. Each angler will get a special beer coozie made just for the event by Steve and Bonnie Womack, who are competing in the event again and want to help Smiles do their great work in Mexico.  

-- There will be a table of official Tuna Cabo Jackpot clothing on sale at check-in  unique to the event and what you receive from the tourney. Check the clothing out. Two styles of hats, long sleeve women (v-neck) and quality LS mens performance shirts, and boat flags. All will be in limited supply. 

As a reminder, Mexican fisheries will be on hand at check-in to sell you fishing licenses in case you have not done so. You MUST have  a valid Mexican license. You can buy them online, and Minerva's tackle also has them. Better to purchase in advance. 

  See you Nov. 7-10!

JIM ROSENWALD, team captain of the Estrella Del Norte team that won the 2017 event, checks out his 338-pound tuna that win his team its second Tuna Title (2012 they also won) and $252,425. Nine teams shared the $677,300 pot last year. RICH HOLLAND PHOTO

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