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Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018
A month to go as go over 100 team mark
Friday, October 26, 2018
Countdown continues to Nov. 7-10

Costa: Much more than a Jackpot sponsor
Costa goes all-out for your eyes 
and the Cabo Tuna Jackpot


Longtime sponsor contributes to the fun 

of the event the charity Smiles through 

contests, providing every angler the 

official performance shirt, generous donations of products for drawings 

and keeps it all fun in Cabo

EVERY ANGLER receives a Costa long sleeve  official Tuna Jackpot   shirt at check-in, and on the back is listed all 19 champions. Will your team's name  be on next year's shirt?

There is no sponsor that embraces the spirit of the WON Cabo Tuna Jackpot more than Costa, maker of premier sunglasses. Dave and Amy Bulthuis will again represent Costa sunglasses at the 20th annual tournament Nov. 7-10, and you want to know the commitment just add up the boxes that were shipped to Cabo. Forty-six boxes jammed with long sleeve shirts, hats, visors, three dozen pairs of high performance sunglasses, sunglass holders, beer bottle openers, bags, t-shirts and 650 high performance long sleeve shirts for every angler. 

The back of the angler’s official Tuna Jackpot shirt that will be given away to every registered angler at check-in lists the winners for the past 19 years.

In terms of charity, Dave and Amy have been directly responsible for the raising of more than $150,000 for various charities. In 2012 after Hurricane Odile decimated the Cabo area, he coordinated other tourney sponsors to put together Florida trip packages and other charity programs that raised $50,000 to rebuild homes of local fishermen and their families. More recently, he has raised more than $60,000 for coordinated by Dr. Jeff Moses and his wife Maribel which performs surgeries on poor Mexican children with cleft pallet deformities in two Cabo clinics. Every dollar goes to surgical supplies, nothing to administrative costs, which is all volunteer or donated. 

GIVEAWAYS by Costa go on throughout the event over four days, and this lucky lady won a pair of Costas in a drawing from Costa VP Dave Bulthuis on the Costa-sponsored Cabo Escape Start Boat party. Dave and his wife Amy come every year and conduct many drawings and in various ways contribute to the fun and charity of the event. 

“I don’t think I can even convey the impact that Costa has on this event, and not just in the obvious ways,” said Director Pat McDonell. “Dave and Amy are here every year, are just the best possible people to be around, and their biggest goal is to have fun with the fishermen, assist with the charity effort and of course promote Costa’s efforts at conservation. The promotion of the sunglasses seems to take care of itself.”

Bulthuis joined Costa in 2003 as vice president of sales and last year was elevated to VP of Costa, focusing on industry relations and government affairs. His commitment to the industry and to conservation was recognized recently by the by the American Sportfishing Association when it presented Bulthuis its Lifetime Achievement Award.

THE AMERICAN SPORTFISHNG ASSOC. (ASA) LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Ceremony was held recently. Left to right were: ASA President Glenn Hughes, Costa VP and recipient Dave Bulthuis and Chris Megan, Publisher, On the Water LLC, and ASA board chairman. Dave was an integral figure on ASA’s board of directors for eight years, including as Chairman of the Board from 2015 through 2016.

Where do all those 46 boxes of Costa goodies end up? The shirts in eight boxes are anglers giveaways at check-in. So are the three dozen glasses, and Dave and Amy probably have a wad of cards with codes for more, every one of those glasses and Costa cards comes with a code to shop on their Costa website and order your specific sunglasses, all worth over $200 each. Of course, they will have a booth display at check-in and again officially sponsor the “Show Us Your Costas!” start boat both days on the luxurious Cabo Escape Thursday and Friday at the Cabo Arch.

“We had only staff and sponsors and dignitaries on the start boat for many years and Dave suggested we invite any and all to come aboard and we would sell tickets to anyone who wants to come," said Director Pat McDonell. "He also said that he and Amy wanted to help and sponsor the parties and would bring hats and giveaway sunglasses for drawings. Then came the idea to add some more fun  and so we added the Show Us Your Costas Contest. The two parties on the Cabo Escape now raises close to $6,000. With Dave and Amy, they always think of ways to make it a better event and they always want to do more."

THE COSTA CROWD of the party yacht Cabo Escape, the party is complete with prizes from Costa.  The luxury ship is donated by Wild Tours of Baja, the catering is handled by Capt. Tony’s Restaurant and the charter for $30 each day also features mimosas and sparkling wine, coffee, music and dancing, drawings for sunglasses, and the flare gun shot. It is a party you should not miss if you are not fishing.

As mentioned, Costa will also be doing plenty for children’s charities in Cabo. Last year the Bulthuis’s had a ton of Costa promotional items at their booth (more this year!) and you just named your own price, and that amount went to charity. Those and other efforts generated a total of $20,000 for, which conducts free cranial and facial/cleft palate surgeries for Baja children at two week-long clinics in April and October. Dave and Amy always come loaded with clothing and sunglasses for prizes. Stop by and see the new Costa lineup. It’s just amazing.

DAVE AT HIS BOOTH at check-in. Stop by and ask about the charters, the new products and see if there's anything you'd like to buy, all for charity.

Costa’s newest product releases, like the Sunrise Silver Mirror lens, are offered at top tackle shops including Minerva’s in Cabo. They range from men’s top-grade glasses to dozens of stylish models for the ladies. In fact, Minerva Smith or one of here staffers  all be right next to Costa at  the Minerva's  booth, selling t-shirts, also all for charity. And you can shop for sunglasses there, too. 

“Those sunglasses for men and women will be among the many drawings for free sunglasses on the charity start boat charters sponsored by Costa,” said Bulthuis. “We will hand out a LOT of our new women’s sunglasses in the drawings during the cruise.”

The two-hour charters Thursday and Friday mornings will be catered by Capt. Tony’s and Cabo Escape with breakfast burritos, coffee, juice and mimosas — as it is every year, and it is a blast. The charter fee is $30, anyone can come, and all money goes to Smiles International on behalf of Costa and the Cabo Escape that is donating the boat to the tournament each morning. The charters run from 6 to 8 a.m. from the IGY fuel dock down the ramp in front of the Tesoro.

SHOW US YOUR COSTAS is a contest that is both fun and wildly humorous. After the boats check in with their numbers then it’s all business.

In addition, Show Us Your Costas is back (the winning team's anglers all get Costas!) and nearly every boat will be photographed as they show their sunglasses and number, and if you give Dave Bulthuis at check-in your e-mail, the photo of your boat/team as it goes by will be e-mailed to the team captain after the event.

As for the newest Costa products: “See more of what’s out there” in challenging lowlight conditions with Costa’s new Sunrise Silver Mirror Lens, ideal for low-light situations, great for any sight casting applications and Costa’s most versatile lens for changing light conditions.

The Sunrise Silver Mirror allows 30 percent light transmission versus the typical 10 to 12 percent and does this successfully while maintaining a 99-percent polarization efficiency — making it the highest light transmission of any polarized lens on the market

“Having been in the field testing with some of our pro staff since last summer, the early indicators are that we have a game changer,”
remarks John Sanchez, vice pre­sident of product design for Costa. “It will transform the way sight fishing anglers approach wearing glasses throughout the day. The Sunrise Silver Mirror sharpens contrast all day but performs best under the toughest low-light conditions, making it ideal for dusk and dawn performance and cloudy fishing days. The mirrored finish also helps deflect harsh light away from the eye to ease eye strain and help reduce eye fatigue.”

COSTA’S NEW SUNRISE SILVER MIRROR is currently offered in a limited frame selection that includes the Blackfin, Corbina, Fantail, Fisch, Motu, Tuna.  

The Sunrise Silver Mirror features Costa’s proprietary 580 technology offering 100-percent protection from harmful UV light and is currently available in polycarbonate. Polarization film on both the front and back side of the lens reduces the strong presence of yellow light to help eliminate glare, while green, red, and blue hues are enhanced, creating greater clarity and contrast. Scratch resistant and prescription ready, the Sunrise Silver Mirror lens is currently offered in a limited frame selection that includes the Blackfin, Corbina, Fantail, Fisch, Motu, Tuna

For more information, contact 1 (800) 447-3700 or visit the company’s website at Join the conversation on Facebook at or on Twitter @CostaSunglasses.

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