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Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

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Tuna Jackpot Day One Weigh-in Update
Day One Jackpot Updates

Another good looking tuna, a 220. Ten minutes to go, signing off on this side. Big boat with BIG minutes away but going slow due to mechanical problem. Have to make it around by 6. Check Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Facebook page for the final news for the evening and back here for a complete update later. 

The Burro just weighed a 227, another big sigh from the crowd as the across the board team captained by Bradley Erickson of Edina, MN fell short of our leading 256. Erickson donated the fish to our local charity. 

Big fish on the way. There is also word the Cloud Nine  has a very large tuna and a blown transmission. They were 38 miles out and doing 10 knots at lines out at 4

Okay with weights fairly high we have had a few near misses on the wahoo and a 215 pound tuna on the Quijote by the Tulsa Tunadoes team. They also had one of the close wahoo, a 39.2

Quality fish showing up early. Ted Dake on the Make My Day weighed a 43.3-pound wahoo to set the bar on the wahoo/dorado jackpot.

Top wahoo

John Domanic on the Sirena just weighed a 256! Across the board!

Team 140 headed in with a big fish. La Brisa weighed  a 158.9, congrats!

Capt. Chris McMillan's Texas-based team 10 on La Brisa is in the $500 and $1000 jackpot. Also heard of at least one more good fish headed in for weigh-in once scales open at 3.

Heard that Team 10 is 7 miles out and headed in with a good fish. 

What will it weigh?

Just about to open the scales (3 p.m.). No boats lined up waiting with 300 pounders like last year.

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