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Thursday, November 8, 2018
Tuna Jackpot Day One Weigh-in Update
Saturday, February 9, 2019
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Cloud Nine Overcomes Adversity With Two Cows
Engine Trouble Nearly Sinks Cloud Nine
before they weigh $324,800 Day 1 Best

Boat limps to the Tuna Jackpot slip just 
in time to hoist 272 and 230 pounders

The Cloud Nine team entered the harbor with just 3 minutes to make it to the weigh station dock and proceeded to sweep all the jackpots with this 272.

What seemed like an anti-climactic day of one quality yellowfin after another failing to best the across-the-board 256-pound beauty weighed in by John Domanic's Sirena team soon after the WON Tuna Jackpot scales opened at 3 p.m. Thursday changed abruptly when word came that the Cloud Nine had somehow made it to the tournament dock in front of the Tesoro just in time to weigh in their tuna. 

We knew they had at least one big fish aboard because they had radioed their good friend Tracy Ehrenberg of Pisces Sportfishing to say so -- also adding they were about 38 miles out with a blown transmission and a desperate fix that left them with only somewhat more than 10 knots of speed to work with. 

Luckily it was a flat calm, hot day in Cabo and its surrounding waters and Greg Lewis' crew brought not just one, but two of the 6 yellowfin tuna over 200 pounds weighed in by the 163 boats competing the first day of the 20th Annual WON Cabo Tuna Jackpot. 

First of all there was a delay as numerous photos were taken as the biggest fish was taken off the boat. Then there was joyous celebration when assistant tournament director Billy Egan announced the weight of 272 pounds. Like the Sirena, the Cloud Nine was in all the daily jackpots -- $500, $1000, $2000, $3000, $5000 and $10,000 -- and they literally snatched the total of $324,800 from both fate and the downhearted team now delegated to second.

Then there was the question of whether the 256 would even hold its place in the overall jackpot. The huge crowd around the scales had thinned out considerably when it was announced Cloud Nine had another fish to weigh. While not big enough to oust the Sirena's yellowfin, the 230 pounder did claim the third spot in the overall.

For now. Scales open at 3 Cabo time and there will be regularly updated reports on the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Facebook page. 

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