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Published since 1953, WESTERN OUTDOOR NEWS is the only sportsmans weekly in the western United States, and the largest weekly fishing and hunting newspaper in the country. Serving the interests of fishermen and hunters living in and around California, it is published in two editions - one each for northern and southern California.

Special bonus supplements and sections are included in most issues of WON on specific topics such as long range fishing, trout or bass fishing and the major fishing and hunting events in our area. There are also the regular monthly supplements, WON BASS, California Guns and Hunting, and many others which cater to specific, targeted interest that are of huge importance to specific readers.

Editorial coverage includes both freshwater and saltwater fishing throughout the state, as well as hunting. Weekly departments include Baja Beat, Map Feature, Hunting Dogs, Shooting, Private Boater Spotlight, Satellite Image, Tide Tables and Trout Plants. Our staff of reporters provide weekly columns focused on saltwater fishing, bass fishing, fishing in Baja, hunting throughout the state and DFG questions and answers. The ever-popular Fishing Formcharts provide a review and forecast of fishing opportunities available across the state and are conveniently referenced by geographic location.

If you want to submit a short article or a photo to WON and/or to this website, there is a button at the top left of the page that was created especially for this purpose. It is the one that reads "Submit Reader Reports HERE." Please give us as much information and details as possible about your catch, including what, where, when, weight, size, using what and with whom. If with a guide or on a charter boat, include the name and any other information which would be of interest to others. You can also send in your reports or photos using regular email to:

WON Reader Reports- Send in your catch reports and Photos here
Pat McDonell- WON Editor -949-366-0030 ext33
Merit McCrae- WON Saltwater Editor - 949-366-0030 ext 37
Brad Schweit - WON Freshwater Editor -949-366-0030 ext 43
Bill Karr - Northern California Editor - 530-642-0870

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