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The U.S. Open first took place in 1981 and is the oldest of the big money bass tournaments. Top prize this year may be up to  $50,000 cash, a Nitro Z8 bass boat with a Mercury Pro XS 225 outboard and MotorGuide trolling motor. For more information go to the WON BASS Web site
or call 949 366-0030 ext 38.

2015 US OPEN Coverage

Roy Hawk wins U.S. Open

Roy Hawk 2015 U.S. OPEN Champion

Roy Hawk capped off a great past month for his family on Wednesday in the desert outside of Las Vegas.After competing in the 2015 Forrest Wood Cup, and watching his son Sunny win the Co-Angler title there, Hawk crested the peak of a mountain of his own he has been close to summiting before when he claimed victory in the 2015 WON Bass Nitro / Mercury U.S. Open.

Hawk began the final day of the event less than half a pound behind the leader; however, the consistency of his weights made many believe that he held the inside track to win.Then the final day started, and Hawk went fishless until after eleven o’clock in the morning.His final day weight of 8.75 pounds brought his total winning weight to 29.40 pounds.

“I really wasn’t getting too uptight because I had a better bite in the afternoon on most of my practice days,” he said.“The only thought that kept going through my head was that I had lost one of the events in the past because I tried to force a reaction bite that wasn’t there; so, I scaled down and finesse fished until I couldn’t stand it anymore after the morning went slowly.”

That approach only presented a single keeper that his AAA partner caught at 11:15.“I tried it for a little while after that, and then went back to my primary areas, and started getting bites,” he said.“I had a double hookup on my topwater bait that gave us fish number two and three, and then managed to catch a few more on the topwater and a jig to fill out the limit a cull a couple.”

He reported heading back towards Callville Bay for weigh-in without much anticipation.“I really felt like I had left the door open once again, and really didn’t have much chance of winning,” he said.“I thought the only chance I had was if other anglers struggled too, and that happened today.I can’t believe I won the U.S. Open, I am completely blessed.”

Hawk said that he spent his whole practice period and tournament fishing the lower basin near the dam, Hemmingway Harbor and Kingman Wash.He reported fishing a team tournament a few weeks ago that showed him there was potential in the area.“I never went anywhere else to practice because I felt so good about it, and I spent my whole tournament in the lower basin in sight of the entrance to the dam.”

Hawk said three lures were responsible for his win.The primary lure, which allowed him to target fish targeting shad chasing bass that would occasionally school, was a Duo Realis Pencil topwater lure.He said he produced a few on a SPRO crankbait as well as a Yamamoto Football Jig and Double Tailed Grub Trailer.

For his victory, Hawk will earn the keys to a U.S. Open themed red white and blue 2015 Nitro Z8 bass boat and Mercury ProXS 200 outboard valued at nearly $40,000 and an additional $50,500 in cash, bringing his total winner’s purse to nearly $100,000.

Clayton Meyer, of Henderson, Nev., like most of the field struggled to produce the consistent weight he had the previous two days.However, his 7.53-pound limit on day three brought his total weight to 27.43 pounds; enough for second place for the event.“I never really felt like I had a chance to win at any point during the day because I didn’t do enough on the water today,” he said.“I can’t say that I am disappointed because I really did all I could, I just never really got the kind of bite that would have made the difference today.As it is, Roy (Hawk) won by a big margin for Lake Mead (nearly two pounds) and a $20,000 payday for second place is a pretty big deal.”

Lake Havasu, Ariz. pro Shaun Bailey caught the big bass of the tournament on the final day; a 4.56-pound largemouth he reported catching on a jig.

On the amateur side, Tyler Rempe of Sierra Vista, Ariz. was a part of the big day with his pro partner Ben Grande on day two that helped him take the lead on the AAA side. He came to the scales with 9.50 pounds today and held on to the lead he grasped on day two, winning with a total weight of 29.75 pounds.He managed to withstand the charge of Phoenix, Ariz. AAA Tim Demecs, who finished the event with 28.43 pounds

For the complete final standings of both divisions, see below.

All that remains is to award the prizes to the field.That happens at 7:00PM form the Railhead Room at Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas.The entirety of the awards ceremony will be broadcast on the Costa See What’s Out There Live Show until its conclusion.

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open Costa See What’s Out There Webcasts can be accessed by visiting, or directly at the event page of the 2014 The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open See What's Out There page presented by Costa Sunglasses.

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Ben Grande Goes Big on Day 2

Vegas, Nev. - September 15, 2014 - Sometimes a perseverance and hard work goes a long way, and that was the case for Las Vegas, Nev. pro Ben Grande on day two of the 2015 WON Bass Nitro / Mercury U.S. Open on Lake Mead.

It also helps to keep yourself in the hunt on the first day of the West's most prestigious tournament.

That is precisely what Grande did when he finished the first day with 8.79 pounds; which landed him in 29th place. When he came to the scales on day two with 12.02 pounds, he rocketed up the leaderboard to take the lead heading into the final round with a total weight of 20.81 pounds.

He said his day was a matter of making a decision on his location, and then having the patience to grind it out. "There were a lot of boats in the area I fished yesterday, and I knew I couldn't compete staying there, so I changed areas this morning," he said. "I went to an area that I had caught a five pounder and a pair of heavy threes at in practice and ground it out all day. We caught our two biggest fish later in the day, and that helped us cull up to our weight."

While he declined to state what he is doing exactly, he feels he has an ace up his sleeve; a fitting analogy for a resident of Sin City. "I have a bait that I'm throwing that I'm pretty sure no one else is throwing, and the fish are responding to it," he said. "I know there are good fish in this area, and I feel like I can make things happen. It's really a dream come true to be in this position, I'm hopeful things go my way tomorrow."

Hawk, no stranger to big time competition, has put himself in position to win by being consistent. The resident of Lake Havasu, City, Ariz., finished the first day in third place with 10.68 pounds, and he followed that up with a 9.97-pound limit to bring his total weight to 2.65 pounds to move up a spot into second place.

His day did not go quite as he had expected, but close enough. "I am truly blessed to be here in position to win," he said. "Things didn't go quite as I had expected today as far as timing goes, I didn't get my afternoon bite, but the morning bite was enough to keep me here, and I'm happy to be in contention."

Mike Caruso of Peoria, Ariz., whose father Kevin started the tournament in second place, managed to reconnect with the fish they had found in practice, added 11.66 pounds to his 8.51 pounds from day one and ended the day in third with 20.17 pounds. Clayton Meyer, also from Las Vegas weighed 10.13 pounds to bring his total to 19.90 pounds, good enough for fourth place, while Wade Strelic of El Cajon, Calif. matched that daily weight, and finished the day in fifth with 19.46 pounds.

Grande's day two AAA; Tyler Rempe from Sierra Vista, Ariz, helped the cause by catching a solid kicker, moved up into the lead his total weight of 20.25 pounds. The second place AAA was Sergio Arguello of North Hollywood, Calif. with 20.08 pounds. He was followed in third place by Oakdale, California's Brandon Gaither with 19.97 pounds. Fourth place went to Mikey Reynolds of Overgaard, Ariz. with 19.56 pounds and fifth went to David Foreman of Queen Creek, Ariz. with 19.06 pounds.
See complete Standings Below


2015 WON Bass U.S. Open Leader Garrett Howard

Las Vegas, Nev. - September 14, 2014 - When the day began at the 2015 WON Bass Nitro / Mercury U.S. Open, 168 anglers headed out onto the waters of Lake Mead, the site of all 33 U.S. Opens. Lake Mead's beautiful sunrise fills anglers with hope as they head towards their first fishing holes, but her brutal and unpredictable conditions can often snuff out that hope as quickly as it grants it.

However, in a bass tournament, someone has to lead, and Riverside, Calif. pro Garrett Howard managed to do things just a little bit better on day one than his competitors. Howard brought a more than respectable 12.13-pound limit to the scales to grab the early lead in the most prestigious bass fishing tournament in the Western United States.

"I made a long run this morning and really found the quality of fish to be a little bit better than I had in practice," said Howard. "I had seen some really good fish swimming around, but couldn't get any of them to bite. I think that the wind helped some of those better quality fish bite today."

He said that his AAA partner; Cher Vang, helped settle the nerves in the boat by putting three small keepers in the boat early. "It was nice to have those fish early to relax us, but we were able to cover a lot of water and cull them out before we made the run to weigh-in. I need the skies to be sunny for things to continue as they are, but I feel pretty good about tomorrow."

After leading for much of the weigh-in, Glendale, Ariz. pro Kevin Caruso finished the day in second place with 11.21 pounds; he said his day was about patience. "My son and I found a place in practice a long ways from takeoff, but our day didn't start off as we expected," he said. "My son left early after catching a couple of small fish, but the fish turned out; I waited them out and had my limit by around 10:00, and didn't get the afternoon bite I had expected to improve with; we'll see how it develops tomorrow.

Noted Lake Havasu, Ariz. pro Roy Hawk finished the day in third place with 10.68 pounds, he was followed in fourth by Philip Roesener of Longdale, Nev., who weighed 10.17 pounds, and Guy Savidan of Norco, Calif. rounded out the top five with 10.15 pounds.

On the AAA side, Vang, from Chico, Calif. leads with 12.13 pounds, second place is Mikey Reynolds from Overgaard, Ariz. with 11.21 pounds. The third place AAA angler was David Foreman of Queens Creek, Ariz., who weighed 10.68 pounds. He was followed in fourth place by Mike Taylor of Sonora, Calif. with 10.17 pounds and Raymond, Tak of Los Angeles, Calif. was fifth with 10.15 pounds.

The Pro Big Bass of the day went to Savidan with his 3.85-pound kicker and the AA Big Bass went to Jose Silva of Las Vegas with his 3.47-pounder.

A complete list of Pro and AAA standings can be seen below.

WON Bass regrets the difficulties that led to our inability to broadcast the Costa See What's Out There Live Weigh-in from day one of the 2015 U.S. Open from Callville Bay.

While setting up for the weigh-in the equipment data connection provided by our Internet Service Provider failed and deapite the best efforts of WON Bass and Z3 Media to entreat the provider to remedy the situation, our needs were not met in time. We tried other mobile workarounds, which were not effective in the remote location.

WON Bass and Z3 Media are diligently working to remedy the situation and anticipate being able to resume normal broadcast in day two. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to bringing the live broadcasts to you as planned for the remainder of the event. The rest of the schedule is as follows:

Tuesday September 15th

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pre-Game Show

2:15 PM - 5:00 PM Live Weigh-In from Callville Bay Marina

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Post Game Show

Wednesday September 16th

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pre-Game Show

2:15 PM - 5:00 PM Live Weigh-In from Callville Bay Marina

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Awards Show

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WON BASS U.S. Open kicks off Sept. 14
Catch all of the action on with Costa’s ‘See What’s Out There’ Live Webcast

HENDERSON, NEV.  —  The most prestigious tournament in the western U.S. is finally here. On Monday, Sept. 14, a full field of bassers will blast off at Lake Mead prior to dawn, all with the hopes of becoming the champion of the 33rd annual WON BASS U.S. Open.

And you don’t have to miss a minute of the action of this year’s Open, as Costa’s “See What’s Out There” Live Webcast is back again for the fourth consecutive year to bring you in-depth coverage of the three-day tournament. The coverage actually starts on Sunday with the “Sponsor’s Showcase” event and partner pairings, and then the focus turns solely on the fishing, with the webcast coverage kicking with the “Morning Show” Monday morning from 8 to 10 a.m. The show will feature commentary on all things U.S. Open, and calls will be taken from viewers.

After that, the attention will turn to the weigh-in stage at Callville Bay Marina for an early segment, and then a second leg of coverage once the day’s weigh-ins have concluded. The coverage will wrap up with all of the on-air personalities going over all of the day’s top tactics and techniques, and will feature interviews with the tournament’s leading anglers about their game plans moving forward.

The coverage will continue on days two and three of the event on the same schedule, concluding with live coverage of Wednesday’s awards ceremony, when the newest U.S. Open champion will be crowned.

Be sure to log in to for up-to-date coverage or CLICK HERE to keep tabs on the leaderboard throughout the classic tournament at Lake Mead.

2014 U.S. OPEN - Pirch Wins Again !

Las Vegas, Nev. - September 10, 2014 - It took landing a haymaker blow in the opening round, then dodging opponents punches for him to do it, but Clifford Pirch today claimed his third WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open victory. The win joins him with Mike Folkestad and Aaron martens as the only individuals to have won the West's most prestigious bass fishing event a trio of times.

Clifford Pirch Lead this years US OPEN wire-to-wire for his 3rd Open championship.

"I'm speechless right now, especially after being so close the last two years," said the Payson, Ariz. pro. "I really didn't think that I had produced enough weight to hold on, but it feels great to pull through, and I'm especially blessed to have been so fortunate to win this event three times; I'm completely humbled right now."
Pirch opened the event by landing a giant uppercut to the field when he weighed in a 15.49-pound limit that gave him almost a four pound lead after the first day. He decided to play it safe in the second round and stayed closer to the Calville Bay takeoff area trying to conserve equipment and avoid disappointment by making a big gamble. That move resulted in a 7.80-pound limit that left the door open to competitors to overtake him. However, he entered the final day with a two-pound lead.

He decided to make a sizeable run to the back of the Overton Arm to target dirty runoff and debris that had resulted from upstream monsoons and flash floods. It was an area that he had saved for the final day, and it took a while for his bite to develop, but he connected with fish that had moved downstream and caught more than 25 keepers en route to an 8.19-pound limit that left him nervous.
But, one by one, his competitors faltered, and when the last two anglers who had the best shot to defeat him reported in with no fish; Pirch had won the 2014 WON Bass Nitro Bots / Mercury U.S. Open with a total weight of 31.26 pounds. The victory earned him a brand new Nitro Z8 / Mercury prize package valued at $37,000 and $50,000 cash.
Pirch reported using three different techniques to claim victory. He reported dropshotting a Pirch's Purple Roboworm on a Phenix M1 Drop Shot rod and culling out all but one of his early limit with a shad colored crankbait thrown on a Phenix X13 Cranking rod late in the afternoon on the first day. He returned to dropshotting again during the slick calm conditions of the second day, then turned to pitching his signature 1/2-ounce Clifford Pirch Outdoors Flippin' jigs to hardwood cover in the dirty water on the final day with a Phenix Super Flipper rod. He alternated between black and blue and Clay Bank Orange colors tipped with soft plastic craws as trailers depending on the water clarity.
"It was a tournament where I had to do a lot of different things to produce the right bites; I had to change with the conditions," he said. "I really wasn't sure how it was going to turn out today, but I'm blessed and honored to have won this event."
Todd Woods of San Dimas, Calif. held steady for most of the week and produced a total weight of 28.70 pounds to finish in second place. Third place finisher Gabe Bolivar; from Ramona, Calif. actually sat on the Costa Hot Seat as the current leader for nearly half of today's weigh-in with 28.49 before being eclipsed by Woods. Dixon, California's Brett Leber slipped one more place, but his steady showing over the three days earned him fourth place with 26.54. Finally, the top five was rounded out by two-time U.S. Open winner John Murray, who posted nearly a 10-pound stringer to move up from 25th place with a total weight of 25.80 pounds.
The AAA winner was Alex Centner of Gilbert Ariz. who teamed with pro partner Bobby Lanham from Cave Creek, Ariz. to produce the largest stringer of the event; a massive 16.06-limit that also included the big fish of the day. The performance was enough to catapult him from 39th place to victory. Centner will receive more than $10,000 and a St. Croix Rods prize package valued at more than $1,000
By virtue of being the highest finishing pro without a sunglass sponsorship; second place finisher Woods will receive the Costa sponsorship package which includes a full wrap, jerseys, 10 pairs of Costa Sunglasses and paid entry fees into the 2015 California Open at Clear Lake as well as the 2015 WON Bass U.S. Open. The package is valued at $10,000.
The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open was hosted at Callville Bay Marina on the shores of Lake Mead, and the action was brought live via the Costa See What's Out There Live event coverage at
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Day 2 Report

Las Vegas, Nev. - September 9, 2014 - Sometimes a little stumble is not as disastrous as one might think. Clifford Pirch, who presented a 15.49-pound limit to the scales on Monday's first day was not able to keep the torrid pace that he came out of the gates with on day two. However, his daily weight that came in at around half of his first day's weight was enough to keep him in the lead headed into the final day of the 2014 The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open.

 Clifford Pirch maintained his huge day one lead, but his day two weight at least gave others reason to think they had a chance.


Pirch managed to produce only 7.48 pounds from Lake Mead today, but his lead; which had been nearly four pounds, still remains a steady two pounds over second place pro Zack Holwerda of Phoenix, Ariz.


Pirch said that he had planned to run new water, and made a decision to switch up altogether again in the morning. "I had an area in mind when I set out this morning, but then changed and decided to stay closer and I didn't quite get the bites I thought I would," he said. "The weather slicked off and we didn't get the amount of breeze that we expected and it made the bite a little tougher for me."


That doesn't mean that the two-time U.S. Open champion is completely panicked. "I've got an area that was a key piece in my strategy for this tournament," he said. "I haven't gone to it yet and I'm pretty sure nobody else has found it. I'm going to go there tomorrow, and hopefully I didn't leave too much room on the table today for someone else to sneak in."


Holwerda managed to produce a 12.29-pound limit today to increase his total weight to 21.02 pounds; which vaulted him all the way to second place. He said the difference for him was execution. "I've been catching the quality fish here that I needed throughout practice, but yesterday I lost a few that mattered," he said. "I've been able to duplicate this pattern over all of the different conditions we've had, but I like the calmer weather and I'm hoping that it will play into my hands tomorrow again."


Brett Leber, who was in second place after day one slipped as well, but managed to stay in third place with a total weight of 20.37 pounds. he is followed in fourth place by U.S. Open rookie Doug Jones who had a 12-pund day himself and raised his total to 19.92 pounds. In fifth place is former FLW Tour pro Gabe Bolivar who pushed his weight to 18.88 pounds.


The AAA side saw Las Vegas resident Dale Howard take the lead with 20.35 pounds. Chris Faeling of Pioche, Nev. stands in second with 19.73 pounds, followed in third by Riverton, Utah angler Tom Nokes with 19.67 pounds, fourth place angler Bobby Steele from Goodyear, Ariz. with 19.18, and day one leader Robert Slack Jr. of Pahrump, Nev. fell to fifth with 18.93 pounds.


The final day of The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open takeoff will begin at Callville Bay Marina on the shores of Lake Mead Wednesday with takeoff starting at 5:45AM Pacific Time. The final day's weigh-in will start at 2:00PM. Following the event's conclusion, a champion will be crowned at Boulder Station Casino the final evening of the event and will be broadcast live at 7:00PM.


Costa See What's Out There Live event coverage will begin following tournament take off with hourly updates at 9:00AM, 10:00AM and 11:00AM each day, followed by weigh-in coverage beginning at 2:00PM and finally a 7:00PM post game show; all show times are Pacific Standard Time and can be viewed at


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Day 2 started today with a lot of beat anglers still trying to recover from a rough day one at Lake Mead. The stormy weather with rain, wind and 6-foot rollers going through the Narrows was hard on both the boats and the anglers, keeping the Mercury and Anglers Marine repair teams busy until late into Monday evening. A few "Bacon Saver" boats were needed on Tuesday (which are boats coming from the AAA side) but keeping all the equipment working well is part of the sport of organized bass fishing, and these guys are all pros.

CLICK HERE for live coverage weigh-ins.

This morning we have a pleasant day so far, but that was the case yesterday, and at Lake Mead there is no assurances given in the fall that the weather will stay nice. But it's looking good and the outlook, so far, for tomorrow is to have a great finishing day. For now all is good as evidenced by the following shots from today.

At the morning Launch at Callville Bay this morning.

PARADISE FOUND - In Echo Bay area, anglers are runnin and gunnin looking for bigger bites. Josh Bertrand is seen here fishing the back of a pocket, moving fast and trying to improve

Monday Results:

Clifford Pirch with his 6.49 Big Fish of Day One - photo by Dan O'Sullivan

Las Vegas, Nev. - September 8, 2014 - The King of Lake Mead is at it again.


Clifford Pirch, a two-time U.S. Open champion and multiple time top five finisher in the event has once again astounded the followers of the most prestigious bass fishing event in the Western United States.


On a day ruled by changing weather conditions that saw high temperatures well below last week's 109 degree heats, Pirch managed to utilize his skills as an angler and his knowledge of the lake to scramble and find the kind of fish that leaves fans and competitors shaking their heads.


Pirch and his AAA partner Ronald Slack Jr. brought a 15.47-pound limit of bass to the scales that included Pirch's 6.49-pound largemouth; which was the big fish of the day. The performance put Pirch in the driver's seat to claim his third U.S. Open victory by nearly four pounds over Dixon, Calif. pro Brett Leber, who came to the scales with 11.54 pounds.


Pirch said that his game plan suffered an early demise, and he ran the conditions to improve. "I had a stretch that I thought I could get a pretty strong limit on first thing, but by one o'clock, I still only had seven pounds in the boat," he said. "I saw the weather changing, and the wind and rain picking up and I started moving around more. Within a couple hours I had caught the big one and two other really good fish that got me to 15 pounds."


Pirch also said that he had water that he couldn't fish today because of the conditions. "The water I ran today was all stuff that I had planned on as my B grade tuff, and maybe it turned out to be a little better than I had thought," he said. "I've got some other water that I am planning on running tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to put it together again tomorrow."

Leber reported using reaction baits and covering a lot of water, but that he did not have the kind of day he had hoped. "I had over 13 pounds in practice on Friday and another good day on Saturday," he said. "I didn't do as well today because the wind wasn't right for my areas - there was too much on it to do what I wanted to do. If I get a little bit better conditions tomorrow, I should be able to improve my weight."


Following Leber in third place in the standings is longtime Western pro John Morrow from Brea, Calif. with 11.17 pounds, Zack Elrite from San Jose, Calif. is fourth with 10.84 pounds and Todd Woods from San Dimas, Calif. rounds out the top five with 10.80 pounds himself.


As stated before, Slack leads the AAA Division with 15.47 pounds, followed by Tom Nokes with 11.54 pounds in second place. Third place AAA Dale Howard fished with Morrow and had 11.17 pounds, followed by Kirk Beardsley with 10.84 in fourth place and Dominic Amato in fifth place with 10.80 pounds.


Day two of The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open takeoff will occur at Callville Bay Marina on the shores of Lake Mead Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 5:45AM, with daily weigh-ins starting at 2:00PM. Following the event's conclusion on Wednesday, a champion will be crowned at Boulder Station Casino the final evening of the event.


Daily event coverage will begin following tournament take off with hourly updates at 9:00AM, 10:00AM and 11:00AM each day, followed by weigh-in coverage beginning at 2:00PM and finally a 7:00PM post game show; all show times are Pacific Standard Time and can be viewed at


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2014 U.S. Open Day One Standings - Pro Division

Place    Name    Hometown    Weight    Penalty    Big Fish    Total

1    Clifford Pirch    Payson AZ    15.47         6.49    15.47

2    Brett Allen Leber    Dixon CA    11.54         4.03    11.54

3    John Morrow    Brea CA    11.17         3.25    11.17

4    Zachary Elrite    San Jose CA    11.04    0.2    3.33    10.84

5    Todd Woods    San Dimas CA    10.8         2.86    10.8

6    Johnny Johnson    Lakeside AZ    10.17              10.17

7    Joe Uribe, Jr.    Surprise AZ    10.07         2.7    10.07

8    Shawn Lee    Arroyo Grande CA    9.89         2.93    9.89

9    Chris Kinley    Lake Havasue City AZ    9.82         3.79    9.82

10    Mark Rauenzahn    San Diego CA    9.81         5.65    9.81

11    Luke Clausen         9.78              9.78

12    Kona Borja    Henderson NV    9.75         3.69    9.75

13    Jesse Slaton    Klamath Falls OR    9.69              9.69

14    Philip Roesener    Parowan UT    9.51         4.16    9.51

15    Jeffrey Scott Allen    Flagstaff AZ    9.28         3.78    9.28

16    Bill O'Shinn    Bakersfield CA    9.47    0.2    3.47    9.27

17    Garrett Howard    Riverside CA    9.45    0.2         9.25

18    Guy Savidan    Yorba Linda CA    9.17              9.17

19    Kevin Stewart    Elk Grove CA    9.16              9.16

20    Josh Polfer    Nampa ID    9              9

21    Jay Guterding    Redding CA    8.96              8.96

22    Michael McLernon    Oceanside CA    8.95         2.64    8.95

23    Gabe Bolivar    Ramona CA    8.84              8.84

23    Chris Bozarth    Henderson NV    8.84         2.82    8.84

25    Dave Wendrich    Elko NV    8.78              8.78

26    Randy Blaukat    Joplin MO    8.74              8.74

27    Jiggs Benn    Myrtle Creek OR    8.46              8.46

28    Scott Canterbury         8.42         2.83    8.42

29    Douglas Minor    Riverside CA    8.4              8.4

30    Zack Holwerda    Phoenix AZ    8.37              8.37

31    Gary Dobyns    Live Oak CA    8.36              8.36

32    Joseph Raftery    Las Vegas NV    8.31         2.52    8.31

33    Cody Compton    Palisade CO    8.3              8.3

34    Don Iovino    Burbank CA    8.26              8.26

34    Tommy Jonovich    Phoenix AZ    8.26              8.26

36    Cody Meyer    Grass Valley CA    8.24              8.24

37    Bill Brown    Grand Junction CO    8.23         3.16    8.23

38    Pete Marino    Moreno Valley CA    8.21              8.21

38    Gunnar Stanton    Boulder City NV    8.21              8.21

40    Marco Valdez    Richland WA    8.17              8.17

41    Cody Spetz    Menifee CA    8.32    0.2         8.12

42    Jamie Cyphers    Cedar City UT    8.06              8.06

42    Wade Strelic    El Cajon CA    8.06              8.06

44    Marvin Barellano    Monterey Park CA    8.05         2.15    8.05

45    Donnie Scroggins    Kingman AZ    8.03         3.12    8.03

46    Jay Yelas    Carvallis OR    7.97              7.97

47    Gary Pinholster    Lake Havasu City AZ    7.79         4.84    7.79

48    Ben Byrd    Moab UT    7.76              7.76

49    Kyle Grover    Trabuco Canyon CA    7.74         2.18    7.74

49    Wade Headrick    Herriman UT    7.74              7.74

49    Travis Richards    Henderson NV    7.74              7.74

52    Ray Arbesu    Henderson NV    7.9    0.2    2.79    7.7

53    John Noble    Adair Village OR    7.67         3.68    7.67

54    Andrew Napoleon    Mesa AZ    7.65              7.65

55    Robert Lee    Altaville CA    7.64              7.64

56    Chris Gosselaar    Clovis CA    7.61         3.72    7.61

57    Rich Tauber    Camarillo CA    7.58              7.58

58    Rusty Salewske    Alpine CA    7.57              7.57

59    Steve Molinari    Waddell AZ    7.71    0.2         7.51

60    Todd Herman    Gilbert AZ    7.48              7.48

61    Tom Lowery    Santee CA    7.47         2.89    7.47

62    Mike Rennie    Pioche NV    7.66    0.2         7.46

63    Paul Hodges    Glendale AZ    7.44              7.44

63    Scott Davis    Preston ID    7.64    0.2         7.44

65    Douglas Jones    North Las vegas NV    7.63    0.2    1.88    7.43

66    Scott Helleson    Whittier CA    7.39              7.39

67    Tony Lain    Menifee CA    7.38              7.38

68    Matt Shura    Gilbert AZ    7.57    0.2         7.37

69    Jason Borofka    Salinas CA    7.34              7.34

70    Gary Freeman    Las Vegas NV    7.22              7.22

71    Brent James    St George UT    7.21              7.21

72    Cody Murray    Nampa ID    7.14              7.14

73    Jon Griffith    Mesa AZ    7.1              7.1

74    Mike Caruso    Peoria AZ    7.06              7.06

75    Jimmy Reese    Ukiah CA    6.99              6.99

76    Mike Brillhart    Waddell AZ    6.89              6.89

77    Stephen Pike    Las Vegas NV    6.88              6.88

78    Daniel Price II    San Diego CA    6.84              6.84

79    Ryan Kjellberg    Yucaipa CA    6.76              6.76

80    Roy Hawk    Lake Havasu City AZ    6.93    0.2         6.73

81    Danny Moraga    Hesperia CA    6.91    0.2         6.71

82    Tom Leedom    Escondido CA    6.68              6.68

83    Neil Flores    Menifee CA    6.67              6.67

84    John Murray    Phoenix AZ    6.66              6.66

85    Keith Espe    Phoenix AZ    6.65              6.65

86    David Kemper    Tempe AZ    6.82    0.2         6.62

87    John Mackey    Boulder City NV    6.77    0.2         6.57

88    Josh Rhodes    Lake Havasu City AZ    6.54              6.54

89    Ricky Shabazz    Rialto CA    6.53              6.53

90    William "Billy" Skinner    Carlsbad CA    6.5              6.5

91    Sean Coffey    Mesa AZ    6.42              6.42

92    Jim Moynagh    Carver MN    6.41              6.41

93    Mark Poe    Coolidge AZ    6.4              6.4

94    John Weisfuss    Oxnard CA    6.79    0.4         6.39

95    Randy Estrada, M.D.    Corona CA    6.37              6.37

96    Kenichi Tanaka    Minamikawachigun    6.18              6.18

97    Mike Folkestad    Villa Park CA    6.14              6.14

98    Rob Erautt    Yucaipa CA    6.1              6.1

99    Oscar Torrado    Mira Loma CA    6.05              6.05

100    Chris Studinger    San Marcos CA    6              6

101    Dick Watson    Alta Loma CA    5.97         3.37    5.97

102    Steven Bowlin    Coolidge AZ    5.94              5.94

103    Adam East    San Diego CA    5.83              5.83

104    Kody "Bucky" Leigh    Yuma AZ    5.79              5.79

105    Kevin Caruso    Glendale AZ    5.97    0.2         5.77

106    George Kramer    Lake Elsinore CA    5.95    0.2         5.75

106    Clayton Meyer    Henderson NV    5.75              5.75

108    Murray White    Glendale AZ    5.73              5.73

109    Devin McDonald    Las Vegas NV    5.7              5.7

110    Don Gage    Grizzly Flats CA    5.62              5.62

111    Brent Becker    Henderson NV    5.43              5.43

112    Keith Beever    Mission Viejo CA    5.54    0.2         5.34

113    Peter Manfrina    Lompoc CA    5.32              5.32

114    Larry Triplett    Aurora CO    5.12              5.12

115    Ken Whalen    Lompoc CA    5.02              5.02

116    Andy Manahl    Mesa AZ    5.01              5.01

117    Don McBride    Roosevelt AZ    5              5

117    Jeff Rutt    Winchester CA    5              5

119    Vern Ridgway    Chandler AZ    4.91              4.91

120    Shaun Bailey    Lake Havasu City AZ    4.64              4.64

121    Klayton Belden    El Cajon CA    4.53              4.53

122    Steve Pool    Weldon CA    4.48              4.48

123    Keith Ferlanie    Henderson NV    4.46              4.46

124    Raymond Archer    Greeley CO    4.45              4.45

125    Jamie Shaw    Coolidge AZ    4.44              4.44

126    Jim Hawkes    Apache Junction AZ    4.38              4.38

127    Jim Jared    Dolan Springs AZ    4.22              4.22

128    Marco Fenelli    San Diego CA    4.1              4.1

129    Justin Hanold    Poway CA    4.05              4.05

130    Elliott Holsbo    Lakeside CA    3.93              3.93

131    Edward John    Tustin CA    3.89              3.89

132    Mark Lassagne    San Ramon CA    3.8              3.8

133    Brian Carnahan    Flagstaff AZ    3.67    0.2         3.47

134    Ernie Stumpf    Carrollton TX    3.45              3.45

135    Rusty Brown    Tustin CA    3.38              3.38

136    Ed Arledge    Valley Center CA    3.35              3.35

137    Dylan Maxon    Phoenix AZ    3.25              3.25

138    Bill Griffith    Ventura CA    3.24              3.24

139    Travis Jewell    Sandy UT    3.4    0.2         3.2

140    Fred Krumsiek    Glendale AZ    3.12              3.12

141    Bill Craig    Ivins UT    3.09         1.91    3.09

142    Josh Bertrand    Gilbert AZ    3.07              3.07

143    Mooseok Park         3.02              3.02

144    Michael Phua    Chino CA    2.98              2.98

145    Anthony Tatzel    Kingman AZ    2.92              2.92

146    Robert Schoessler    Henderson NV    2.86              2.86

147    Bobby Lanham    Cave Creek AZ    2.85              2.85

148    Melvin Williams    Chula Vista CA    2.6              2.6

149    Tony Richards    Oceanside CA    2.33              2.33

150    Neil Campbell    Mirrietta CA    2.3              2.3

151    Kevin Gross    Claremont CA    2.28              2.28

152    Sam Rosefsky         2.27              2.27

153    Timothy Irwin    LaVerne CA    2.2              2.2

154    Claude Sims    Boerne TX    2.14              2.14

155    Matt Nadeau    Grass Valley CA    2.08              2.08

156    Justin Patti    Phoenix AZ    1.84              1.84

157    Jim Elliott    Redding CA    1.5              1.5

158    Jason Burchfield    Las Vegas NV    1.11              1.11

158    Ron Hammett    La Mesa CA    1.11              1.11

160    Norman Santos    Rosamond CA    1.06              1.06

161    Chris Morris    Wingman AZ    1.04              1.04

161    David Coy    Porterville CA    0              0

161    Steve Gibson    Las Vegas NV    0              0

161    Billy Hines    Vacaville CA    0              0

161    Michael Rigney    Janesville CA    0              0

161    Ed Shaver    Lake Havasu City AZ    0              0

161    Young "Bradley" Yang         0              0

2014 U.S. Open Day One Standings - AAA Division

Place    Name    Hometown    Weight    Penalty    Big Fish    Total

1    Ronald Slack, Jr.    Pahrump NV    15.47              15.47

2    Tom Nokes    Riverton UT    11.54              11.54

3    Dale Howard    Las Vegas NV    11.17              11.17

4    Kirk Beardsley    Canyon Lake CA    11.04    0.2         10.84

5    Dominic Amato    N. Las vegas NV    10.8              10.8

6    Mike Guerra    Las Vegas NV    10.17         3.08    10.17

7    Carl Limbrick, Jr.    Bonita CA    10.07              10.07

8    Rafael Gonzalez    Las Vegas NV    9.89              9.89

9    Matt Menzel    El Cajon CA    9.82              9.82

10    Dante Ray    Sparks NV    9.81              9.81

11    Shane Spinning    Canyon Lake CA    9.78              9.78

12    Stan Boyd    Yucaipa CA    9.75              9.75

13    Ross Baker    Lake Havasu City AZ    9.69         2.37    9.69

14    Gabriel Romero    Henderson NV    9.51              9.51

15    Gene Mestas    Henderson NV    9.28              9.28

16    Douglas Delgado    West Lake Village CA    9.47    0.2         9.27

17    Craig Hammett    Eagle ID    9.45    0.2    2.67    9.25

18    Sonny Gibson    Las Vegas NV    9.17              9.17

19    Ellison Hubbard    LAS VEGAS NV    9.16              9.16

20    Bryan Klem    San Diego CA    9         3.18    9

21    Jeff Won    Cerritos CA    8.96              8.96

22    Steve Lund    Glendale AZ    8.95              8.95

23    Chad May    Mesa AZ    8.84              8.84

23    Miles Peshlakai    Las Vegas NV    8.84              8.84

25    Darren Vieira    Martinez CA    8.78         2.69    8.78

26    Joe Patz    Surprise AZ    8.74              8.74

27    David Burrows    Placentia CA    8.46              8.46

28    Aaron Scott    El Dorado Hills CA    8.42              8.42

29    Dean Sexton    Costa Mesa CA    8.4              8.4

30    Richard Hoffman    Costa Mesa CA    8.37         2.49    8.37

31    Kunjae Lee    Las Vegas NV    8.36              8.36

32    James Landon    North Las Vegas NV    8.31              8.31

33    Jeremy Winters    Lakeview OR    8.3              8.3

34    Ryland Ogle    Henderson NV    8.26              8.26

34    Charlie Ponder    Williams AZ    8.26              8.26

36    Mike Crothers    Chandler AZ    8.24              8.24

37    Jordan Erekson    Chandler AZ    8.23              8.23

38    Vincent Alcantara    Glendale AZ    8.21         1.96    8.21

38    Eric Hammer    Peoria AZ    8.21              8.21

40    David Patrick    San Jacinto CA    8.17              8.17

41    Angelo Aliotti    Temecula CA    8.32    0.2         8.12

42    Mark Dalton    Fountain Hills AZ    8.06              8.06

42    Rick Grover    Trabucco Canyon CA    8.06              8.06

44    John Browning    Payson AZ    8.05         1.77    8.05

45    Dustin Tingle    Spring Valley CA    8.03              8.03

46    Toru Kaneko    Konan-Shi, Shiga Jap    7.97              7.97

47    Greg Galloway    Valencia CA    7.79              7.79

48    Todd Dunlap    Cottage Grove OR    7.76              7.76

49    Liz Jones    Conoga Park CA    7.74              7.74

49    Jose Silva    Las Vegas NV    7.74              7.74

49    Michael Spain    Goodyear AZ    7.74              7.74

52    Gary Robbins    Burbank CA    7.9    0.2         7.7

53    Robert Jeannotte    Henderson NV    7.67              7.67

54    Bob Keck    Las Vegas NV    7.65              7.65

55    Paul Reutlinger    West Jordan UT    7.64              7.64

56    Brian P. Day    Rncho Snta Margarita CA    7.61              7.61

57    John Tubbs    Camarillo CA    7.58              7.58

58    David Bebawy    Chandler AZ    7.57              7.57

59    Juan Ramirez    Cave Creek AZ    7.71    0.2         7.51

60    Conrad Demecs    Scottsdale AZ    7.48              7.48

61    Phillip Hudnall    Huntington Beach CA    7.47              7.47

62    Julius Mazy    Phoenix AZ    7.66    0.2    2.03    7.46

63    Chris Faehling    Pioche NV    7.44              7.44

63    Mona Dunlap    Cottage Grove OR    7.64    0.2    1.96    7.44

65    Gabriel Jones    Granite Falls NC    7.63    0.2         7.43

66    Jan Prestella    Glendora CA    7.39              7.39

67    Sergio Arguello    North Hollywood CA    7.38              7.38

68    Chris Gille    Riverside CA    7.57    0.2         7.37

69    Dung Van Vu    Paramount CA    7.34         1.91    7.34

70    R J Nevarez    Bonsall CA    7.22              7.22

71    Levi Samz    Green River WY    7.21              7.21

72    Brandon Smith    Indio CA    7.14         2.42    7.14

73    Dan Zehring    Gilbert AZ    7.1              7.1

74    John Stewart    Peoria AZ    7.06              7.06

75    Naoaki Fujimoto    Osaka,Japan    6.99              6.99

76    Brian Grizzle    Dahlonega GA    6.89              6.89

77    Kenneth Cates    LaQuinta CA    6.88              6.88

78    Darin Guglielmo    Santa Barbara CA    6.84              6.84

79    Josh Ahlvin    Peoria AZ    6.76              6.76

80    Bill Snyder    Las Vegas NV    6.93    0.2         6.73

81    Thomas Wennerlund    Gilbert AZ    6.91    0.2         6.71

82    Debbie Carnahan    Flagstaff AZ    6.68         2.31    6.68

83    Szu Nien Yeh    Las Vegas NV    6.67              6.67

84    Justin Fields    Anthem AZ    6.66              6.66

85    Charles Fleisher    Las Vegas NV    6.65              6.65

86    Bret Nagelhout    Red Rock AZ    6.82    0.2         6.62

87    Jason Lazzerini    Moss Landing CA    6.77    0.2         6.57

88    Robert Sedillo, Jr.    Chino CA    6.54              6.54

89    Bobby Steele    Goodyear AZ    6.53              6.53

90    Shannon Henry    Anthem AZ    6.5              6.5

91    Randy Austin    Cedar City UT    6.42              6.42

92    Andrew M. Schadegg    Reno NV    6.41              6.41

93    Alex Centner    Gilbert AZ    6.4              6.4

94    Allen Todd    Gardnerville NV    6.79    0.4         6.39

95    Tom Kruse    San Juan Capistrano CA    6.37              6.37

96    Geoff Peterson    Huntington Beach CA    6.18              6.18

97    Doug Carlson    Camarillo CA    6.14              6.14

98    Rachel Uribe         6.1              6.1

99    Steve Rametta    Glendora CA    6.05              6.05

100    Dave Della    Sparks NV    6         2.28    6

101    Patrick McLaren    Las Vegas NV    5.97              5.97

102    Brandon Baker    Valencia CA    5.94              5.94

103    Joel Fleck    Menifee CA    5.83              5.83

104    Craig A Schultz    Riverside CA    5.79              5.79

105    Bill Lansford    Needles CA    5.97    0.2         5.77

106    Chang Won Park    Palmdale CA    5.95    0.2         5.75

106    Tracy Purtee    Payson AZ    5.75              5.75

108    Chris Beverly    Mesa AZ    5.73              5.73

109    Ryan Scott    El Dorado Hills CA    5.7              5.7

110    Mike Contreras    Ontario CA    5.62              5.62

111    Sean Richards    Carson City NV    5.43              5.43

112    Jason Randall    Las Vegas NV    5.54    0.2         5.34

113    Larry Warren    Laverkin UT    5.32              5.32

114    Atsushi Machida    Las Vegas NV    5.12              5.12

115    Thomas Odgers    Colton CA    5.02              5.02

116    Jesse Hernandez    Montebello CA    5.01              5.01

117    Duke Ayers    Flagstaff AZ    5              5

117    Steve Watson    Phoenix AZ    5              5

119    Michael Bidak    Scottsdale AZ    4.91              4.91

120    Newt Price    Visalia CA    4.64              4.64

121    Robert Nicholson    Grand Terrace CA    4.53              4.53

122    Brant List    Huntington Beach CA    4.48              4.48

123    David Hudson    Henderson NV    4.46              4.46

124    Tim Demecs    Pheonix AZ    4.45              4.45

125    Richard Garcia    Beaumont CA    4.44              4.44

126    Matt Thomas    Mesa AZ    4.38              4.38

127    Allen Clark    Florence AZ    4.22              4.22

128    John Meltzer    San Jose CA    4.1              4.1

129    Scott Palumbo    Phoenix AZ    4.05              4.05

130    Chuck Kavros    Grass Valley CA    3.93              3.93

131    Barry McCoy    Castro Valley CA    3.89         1.56    3.89

132    Mike Hawkins    Boulder City NV    3.8              3.8

133    Mark Torrez    Camarillo CA    3.67    0.2         3.47

134    Bill Wentworth    Dixon CA    3.45              3.45

135    Richard Culver    Taylor UT    3.38              3.38

136    Steve Lee    Burbank WA    3.35              3.35

137    Merlin Nunes    Vacaville CA    3.25         3.25    3.25

138    Bob Voss    Riverside CA    3.24              3.24

139    Jerome Peacock    Visalia CA    3.4    0.2         3.2

140    Stephen Lamb    Lakeside CA    3.12              3.12

141    Carson Sims    Boerne TX    3.09              3.09

142    Paul Holt    Las Vegas NV    3.07              3.07

143    Akira Saito    Osaka, Japan    3.02              3.02

144    Brent Benish    San Diego CA    2.98              2.98

145    Bryden Mugleston    Oceanside CA    2.92              2.92

146    Logan Erautt    Yucaipa CA    2.86              2.86

147    Joe Uribe, Sr.    Long Beach CA    2.85              2.85

148    Layne (Moe) Gray    Milford UT    2.6              2.6

149    Jay Cranney    Sandy UT    2.33              2.33

150    Eric Runge    Las Vegas NV    2.3              2.3

151    Hong-Gi Chu    Las Vegas NV    2.28              2.28

152    Steve Lindner    Lake Havasu City AZ    2.27              2.27

153    Alex Galvin    San Diego CA    2.2              2.2

154    Jon Maslonka    Richland WA    2.14              2.14

155    Bryan Steele    Phoenix AZ    2.08              2.08

156    Bill Hart    Temecula CA    1.84              1.84

157    Jason Caine    Las Vegas NV    1.5              1.5

158    Alan Blackman    Cathedral City CA    1.11              1.11

158    Gabriel Diaz    Nuevo CA    1.11              1.11

160    William Penrod    Salome AZ    1.06              1.06

161    Greg Garcia    West Covina CA    1.04              1.04

162    Steve Brackmann    Huntington Beach CA    0              0

162    John D. Helm    Tempe AZ    0              0

162    Robert Hutchinson    Highland CA    0              0

162    Mike Lepori    Lakeview OR    0              0

162    Brad Martin         0              0

162    Laythe Moore    Banning CA    0              0






The Monday weigh-n in now in full swing on day one at the U.S. Open and we had rain and wind the last few hours of fishing. That lead to some rough rides back in to the scales. That's Lake Mead. We have had some great weights, including a 15-lb bag from Clifford Pirch, who also had a 15-lb bag on last years final day to almost come from way back to win the U.S. OPEN. Tune into the Costa Live broadcast and see all the standing and the evening wrap up show at

The initial check shows that all the boats are accounted for on day one and Clifford Pirch has a nice day one lead, which is a scary thought as he only seems to get better at Lake Mead on day two and three. But the one thing about the U.S. OPEN is it's always throwing a curve at the anglers, and nobody is immune to having a bad day, or having a major equipment failure.

Check up the webcast tonight on for a complete wrap-up and hopefully we'll get Clifford to tell us how and where he caught his fish ( yeah right ), but we will probably get him on the show and we can talk about what was one of the best opening days in U.S. OPEN history.

At about 1PM at Callville Bay the weather had changed and the threat of rain turned into a downpour during the weigh-in. Many of the anglers were fishing 30-50 miles away and had a wet and rough ride in.

The 5 bump tank system and the multiple live release boats used at the U.S. Open kept the bsss in good shape on day one.

Afternoon on-the-water update:

We're off the water preparing for weigh-in now, but took a run into the narrows and the Middle Basinbto see the concentration of anglers there.

We saw 15 to 20 boats right around the narrows, but not many more.

It looks as if most of the field has made the longer run into the Overton arm, Virgin Basin and Temple Bar.

The weather is starting to turn with approaching storms, and increasing winds just in time for weigh-in. Stay tuned for the Costa Live show broadcast weigh-in beginning at 2:00PM Pacific from Calville Bay. So making the run home and getting there by your deadline might become an issue. We will see soon enough. The Live weigh-in starts at 2 pm so go to and watch the COSTA live weigh-in.

Monday morning update:

Pro Gunner Stanton and his AAA partner fishing the main basin of Lake Mead on the first morning of the 2014 WON Bass U.S. Open. Gunner said the water color was helping their bite early on this first morning

Day one of the 2014 WON Bass U.S. Open is underway. The field has pushed off out of Calville Bay Marina to fishing destinations near and far.

Weather conditions are partly clear and calm with morning temps in the high 70`s with clouds building in the skies above Lake Mead.

Weather is expected to build and winds are supposed to increase as the day progresses.

On our way to seek out competitors for our Live Updates beginning at 9:00AM right here at presented by Costa

Day one at Lake Mead has started with sunshine and moderate winds.

The 2014 U.S. OPEN of bass fishing has a record breaking number of entrants with 167 boats, but with thunderstorms looming it looks like it will be another wild event, which is typical of what the U.S. OPEN throws at the anglers each year.

Lake Mead has a phosphorus / Lime colored stain to it in the Calville Bay area that is affecting the clarity of the water.

Don't know if that will affect the bite at all

SPONSORS SHOWCASE on Sunday is always a huge happening, where the sponsors meet and greet the anglers and hand out company products and swag.

On Sunday the U.S. Open always has the Sponsors Showcase, where the event sponsors meet and greet the anglers and load them up with product samples.

While there were hail storms last night in Las Vegas at the Boulder Station host hotel, and dark clouds every way you looked at the Monday launch, the early morning launch at Callville Bay went off smoothly under calm conditions, with little wind. Most everyone hopes the nice conditions will hold up, but asking for blue-bird weather for three days at Mead, when you are surrounded by storm systems is unlikely. And when the wind comes up many guys also catch their best fish.

The first place pro will not only win in excess of $50,000.00 cash, but will also receive this incredible U.S. Open inspired, Nitro Z-8 with a 200HP Mercury Optimax.

No doubt Lake Mead will show it's teeth at some point, but it's the tough fishing, heat, and late summer storms, on a huge body of water that makes this event on of the biggest in the bass fishing world. Stay tuned and go to and see the Live COSTA broadcast throughout all three days of the tournament. There are morning broadcast and also a live weigh-in and evening wrap-up show all three days.

Dave Rush and Mark Jeffreys during the Costa Live Broadcast.

Rick Emmitt from Nitro Boats was on hand to greet the anglers. Nitro is awarding a Z-8 Nitro boat to the winning pro ( in addition to the $50,000.00 + cash he will receive ) and Mercury Outboards puts a 200 hp Optimax on it.

Kevin Linehan and the rest of the Mercury crew was at Sponsors Row, passing out much needed 2-stroke oil for the Mercury equiped Pro anglers.


Las Vegas, Nev. – September 5, 2014 - Beginning Monday September 8, more than 165 professional anglers and their AAA partners will head out onto the waters of Lake Mead to contest The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open of Bass Fishing. As for the past two occurrences, once again, the Costa See What's Out There Live show will be presented by Costa Sunglasses throughout the entirety of the three day event.

In its 32nd year, the U.S. Open has proven to be an exciting event that provides any of the anglers is capable of winning the premier bass fishing event in the West; though it will be no easy feat to accomplish. The last angler who can hold on to their seat in the Costa See What's Out There Hot Seat on Wednesday's final day will crowned the U.S. Open champion.

The field in 2014 will feature the largest field in a number of years. More than 165 Pro anglers and their AAA partners -the largest field in more than a dozen years - will feature some of the premier names in bass fishing from a National and Regional scale.

Included in the field this year are past U.S. Open champions; FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series winners, Bassmaster Anglers of the Year and Bassmaster Classic Champions. The Costa See What's Out There Live Coverage is sure to provide competitors and viewers plenty of fireworks throughout the three day 32nd WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open.

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open See What's Out There Live Webcasts presented by Costa Sunglasses will begin with a pregame show from the Boulder Station Casino after the Sponsor Showcase and mandatory partner pairing meeting; the live pregame show will begin Sunday Night at 5:30PM.

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open takeoff will occur at Callville Bay Marina on the shores of Lake Mead Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 5:45AM, with daily weigh-ins starting at 2:00PM. Following the event's conclusion on Wednesday, a champion will be crowned at Boulder Station Casino the final evening of the event.

Daily event coverage will begin following tournament take off with hourly updates at 8:00AM, 9:00AM, 10:00AM and 11:00AM each day, followed by weigh-in coverage beginning at 2:00PM and finally a 6:00PM post game show; all show times are Pacific Standard Time. .

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open presented by Costa Sunglasses Webcasts can be accessed by visiting, or directly at the event page of the 2014 The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open See What's Out There page presented by Costa Sunglasses

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open Live Webcast is presented by Costa Sunglasses, the event is also brought to you by Nitro Boats, Mercury Outboards, Costa Sunglasses, Bass Pro Shops, Bridgford Foods, Daiwa, Seaguar, Plano Molding, Cousins Tackle, YoZuri, Pro Mar, Eagle Claw TroKar, Lowrance, St.Croix Rods, Frabill, Reactor, Zip Baits, Big Hammer, Fishing for Adoption, Global Fish Mounts, A&M Graphics, Savage Gear and Storm

In 2014, more than 165 Pros and their AAA partners will head out onto the waters of Lake Mead Monday to contest the 32nd Anniversary of the WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open. The list of pros is below.

Rusty Brown takes down his competition

 Earns a richly-deserved U.S. Open victory



LAS VEGAS, Nev. — He’s a phenomenal angler. He’s a good guy. He’s an all-around exceptional individual. And he’s now the 2013 WON BASS U.S. Open champion. His name is Rusty Brown and while his personal and professional accolades may be unfamiliar to some, his name is officially forever etched in the annals of angling history.


2013 U.S. OPEN CHAMPION, RUSTY BROWN, clutches the trophy he worked so diligently to obtain.

To say this week’s tournament transcended all those which preceded it, would be doing the event itself a grave injustice. It was an unprecedented success — both on and off the water — not only to those witnessing history firsthand, but also the fans and families watching it unfold from the comfort of their respective homes.

True to form, Mead lived up to its reputation as one of the most difficult and humbling fisheries in the West. Even past Open champions found themselves struggling to weigh 5-fish limits exceeding the 7- or even 8-pound mark. But, for the myriad angling trial and tribulations inherent to this, and all past Opens, there were the exceptional triumphs. Brown’s victory was one such tale, and the reason why 284 anglers left their homes, families and friends behind (some for the past few weeks to pre-fish) to earn the title of 2013 WON BASS U.S. Open champion.

On day one, Brown weighed a respectable 10.27 pounds; a solid limit, but a far cry from the massive 13.22-pound bag brought to the scale by Todd Herman. In fact, while Browns’ day-one bag was indeed respectable, it landed him in ninth place. Phillip Dutra, Chris Bozarth, Brett Hite, Gary Robbins, Tommy Jonovich, Gary Dobyns, Michael Caruso, and, of course, Herman, all managed to surpass Brown’s weight.


MERLIN NUNES TOOK first on the AAA side with a three-day combined total of 31.78 pounds.

But Brown is no stranger to the Open or its recipe for success. He’s fished the event a total of eleven times, and his highest placement until this tournament was 16th. He knew a solid single-day weight was nothing upon which to rest his laurels, so he resumed his attack the following afternoon.

Fishing with co-angler, Andrew Martin, the duo combined their efforts for a 10.17-pound bag; bringing Brown’s two-day total to 20.44. Brett Hite’s 10.25 pounds, however, was enough to best Brown and take the first-place slot going into the third, and final day of the tournament.

In truth, it was anyone’s guess as to how the final day would ultimately pan out. The list of anglers in the top 20 read like a who’s-who of the bass-fishing world. Included in that group were such angling all-stars as Gary Dobyns, John Murray and Aaron Martens; all intimately familiar with the feeling of holding a U.S. Open champion trophy. There were also the Mead experts, if you will, which included such names as Ray Arbesu and Chris Bozarth. The tournament may have been taking place in Vegas, but I can assure you, even the most devout gamblers wouldn’t have been willing to wager on a winner this time around.


CLIFFORD PIRCH SITS in the Costa hot seat, waiting for the final few anglers to weigh the last bags of the tournament.

The final day of competition began much the same as the first two: cloud cover and slight rain. For those hoping to get some sunshine, it appeared as though Mother Nature had other plans. The sun did make its presence known a bit later in the day, albeit in-between or behind clouds.

While the first anglers arrived at the weigh station atop the launch ramp at the Callville Bay Marina around 2 p.m., the drama and fanfare didn’t kick into gear until a half-hour-or-so later.

The first occupant of the “Costa hot seat,” as it’s come to affectionately be known, was none other than Shaun Bailey. His 8.85 pounds was enough to move him into pole position, if only for a short stint. (Keep in mind, however, WON BASS staff were keeping the top 10 day-two anglers in the marina until the remaining 131 boats had weighed their fish. The initial number of anglers was 142, but a pro had motor problems and was unable to fish the final day, and another AAA came down with the flu.)

John Perkins, along with his AAA, Carl Limbrick Jr., managed a 10.41-pound limit (including a 4.56-pound bass for the co-angler), which knocked Bailey from the hot seat. Then it was Ben Byrd’s turn to take a seat, as his 8.06 pounds earned him the coveted position until Aaron Leon arrived at the scale with 8.87 pounds.


CLIFFORD PIRCH AND RUSTY BROWN watch the electronic scale display as it falls at 10.82 for Brown’s day-three bag; thus removing Pirch from his, er, perch.

As the musical chair game progressed, the day-two top-10 pros continued to accumulate in the marina. “From what we’ve heard,” said WON BASS Director of Operations, Billy Egan, to the capacity crowd on-hand, “seven or eight of the top-10 pros have great bags. This is going to be exciting, folks!”

When Justin Hanold weighed an unbelievable 13.69-pound bag, the excitement truly began to build. His co-angler, Brian Day, had one of the biggest bass of the tournament… a 4.58 pounder. Needless to say, Hanold knocked Leon from his hot seat perch.

Legendary angler Rick Clunn came out of nowhere to weigh a 12.92-pound bag, but his weights of 1.25 and 4.82 pounds on days one and two, respectively, diminished the impressiveness of his day-three limit. His co-angler, Larry Johnson, however, did manage a quality 4.59-pound bass, which would ultimately be worth $1,000 in big-fish money. What happened next couldn’t have been predicted by even the best Vegas statisticians…

Hanold remained in the hot seat for at least a half-hour; to him, more likely an eternity. Angler after angler weighed in, but none could trump his weight. Then, two-time U.S. Open Champion and 2012 second-place pro, Clifford Pirch, arrived at the scale.


BRETT HITE’S 9.03 pounds wasn’t enough to dethrone Brown, and thus, the 2013 U.S. Open officially had its champion.

For lack of a better description, Pirch’s limit, especially for Mead, was unfathomable. In fact (and although it’s yet to be officially confirmed, as it requires scouring through 31 years of records), it may prove to be the largest single-day limit ever weighed during a WON BASS U.S. Open.

Pirch needed 13-plus pounds to tale the lead. Now, considering the heaviest bag of the event thus far was Hanold’s 13.69, that, in and of itself, seemed near impossible. When the scale settled, however, the crowd, and even Pirch himself, was in disbelief. The numbers read “15.48”; Pirch obliterating Hanold’s behemoth bag and taking the lead with only a handful of anglers left to weigh. History was repeating itself, as Pirch found himself in the exact same position, literally, as last year when he barely lost to Sean Stafford.

Devin McDonald fell short. Chris Bozarth fell short. John Murray and even Gary Dobyns couldn’t dethrone Pirch. One by one the anglers weighed, and yet Pirch remained. With two anglers still to weigh in, Rusty Brown stepped up to the scale.

Rumors had been flying about the crowd that Brown had a good limit. Even Egan himself said, “We’ve heard Rusty’s got a good bag, folks.” With the anticipation building to a near-explosive level, Tournament Director Bill Cook placed Brown’s bag on the scale. He needed 9.98 to take the lead. The numbers flickered and fluttered. The crowd sat with bated breath. “Ten point eight two!” Billy bellowed into the microphone as the crowd erupted in applause.

This time there was no hot seat taken. Brown paced nervously about the stage and the crowd remained on its feet as the lone remaining angler with the ability to take the title handed over what had already been determined was indeed a 5-fish limit.

Brett Hite needed 10.2 pounds to best Brown and be crowned the 2013 WON BASS U.S. Open champion. When the scale settled at 9.03, a champion was indeed crowned… His name was Rusty Brown.

Rounding out the top five pros at this year’s Open were Clifford Pirch with 30.32 pounds, Brett Hite with 30.09 pounds, Justin Hanold with 29.66 pounds, and Tommy Jonovich with 29.62.

On the AAA side, it was Merlin Nunes laying claim to a 2013 U.S. Open victory.

WON BASS would like to thank all of our 2013 U.S. Open anglers and sponsors, for, without you, this event would cease to even exist, let alone be the worldwide sensation it has become. A special thanks goes out to Dave Rush and Mark Jeffries of, and Dan O’Sullivan of for making possible the live broadcast of the event thanks to Costa sunglasses.

For a full rundown of this year’s Open, be sure to check out next month’s WON BASS supplement.

The U.S. Open never ceases to be a nail biter

The first one to go into the Costa Hot Seat was Havasu pro John Perkins, thanks to a 4.56 lb big fish caught by his co-angler Carl Limbrick jr.

John Perkins

Shortly afterwards he was replaced in the Costa Hot Seat by Justin Hanold, who stayed there for much of the weigh-in.

At the end the top ten anglers were held back to weigh in and see if they can knock Justin out of the hot seat, so we'll have to watch. It can all be seen on the live webcast on You can also watch the awards show tonight at 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 11 Update

Much to the chagrin of some Open anglers, cloud cover remains

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Well folks, this is it… the final day of the 2013 U.S. Open, and anglers are currently contending with nearly-identical conditions to the past two days of the tournament.


CLOUDS AND RAIN remained as anglers launched their boats this morning into Callville Bay Marina for the third and final day of the 2013 WON BASS U.S. Open.

At yesterday’s weigh-ins, a number of anglers were commenting about the cloud cover and how Mead’s bass seem to prefer sunshine and bluebird skies. Many were hoping to see such conditions today, but no such luck… cloud cover and light rain remained. The weather forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorm activity, but thus far, the most severe weather systems seem to be blowing through just as or immediately after the weigh-ins wrap. Hopefully, that will be the case today, as well; as yesterday’s storm cell was indeed intense.

As has been the case for the past two days, the first flight of boats is due back at the dock at 2 p.m. Brett Hite will likely be the first angler in the “Costa hot seat” (depending upon when he weighs in), but that may change as the weigh-in progresses… ultimately crowning the 2013 WON BASS U.S. Open champion.

Wednesday, Sept. 11 Update (morning)

U.S. Open is one of the defining tournaments of any bass fishing circuit



LAS VEGAS, Nev. — While there are indeed a multitude of reasons the U.S. Open is one of the defining tournaments of any bass fishing circuit, anywhere in the world, the focal point of the Open, and that which truly separates anglers from champions, is the tournament’s three-day format on what is arguably one of the toughest fisheries — Lake Mead.

Well, true to form, this year’s Open is going to go down to the wire, and after today’s competition, there are likely to be a number of anglers in the “Costa hot seat” tomorrow afternoon.


BRETT HITE WEIGHED in 10.25 pounds to take the lead going into the final day of the tournament.

Day two began with Todd Herman in first, Michael Caruso in second, Gary Dobyns in third, Tommy Jonovich in fourth, and Gary Robbins rounding out the top five. When the dust settled (literally, I might add, as the final flight of day-two anglers were weighing fish in 50-plus-mph winds), only two of those five names would remain the same.

As was the case during the first day of competition, breaking the 10-pound barrier proved to be a difficult endeavor. The first angler to do so was Joe Uribe Jr., whose 11.66 pounds — the heaviest bag of day-two competition — would bump him into third going into the final day of competition.

Rusty Brown added to his day-one 10.27 pounds with another almost identical bag of 10.17. His 20.44-pound total has him in the second-place slot, behind only Brett Hite, whose 10.25 pounds of fish moved him from sixth up to the pole position with a total of 21.06.


RUSTY BROWN AND co-angler Andrew Martin, managed a day-two weight of 10.17 pounds, good for a second-place slot.

Tommy Jonovich maintained his fourth-place spot with an additional 9.09 pounds, bringing his two-day weight to 20.18 pounds.

Day-one leader, Todd Herman, just couldn’t get his reserve spots to produce and managed only 5 fish for 6.2 pounds. “The stuff I found during pre-fish…” Herman said, “I think I tore it up.” As a result, he fell from first to fifth overall.

Looking at the top 10, even top 20, an experienced statistician would be hard pressed to create legitimate odds for who is most likely to emerge the victor in this tournament. There’s just so much opportunity for astronomical success or catastrophic failure. A gargantuan leap at Mead is entirely within the realm of possibility; however, a placement plummet is just as likely.


JOE URIBE JR. holds up a pair of fish which helped anchor his second-day 11.66-pound bag. He’s in third place going into day three.

For instance, San Diego’s Scott Wingo had a mere .94 pounds on day one, but seemingly out of nowhere he arrived at the scales on day two with the second heaviest bag of the day — 11.18 pounds, including a big fish of 3.35. Now, while his second-day success will likely prove too little, too late, it nevertheless launched him from near dead-last to well above the middle of the pack. Another similar bag on day three would almost certainly place him “in the money.”

And let’s not discount Bridgford pro Randy Blaukat of Joplin, MO. Not only did he have the day-two big bass of 4.6 pounds, but that fish also solidified a 10.6-pound limit which landed him in 11th place. To put things into perspective, he was in 45th after day one.

But that’s how it goes in this tournament; that’s the appeal. You don’t have to be a seasoned pro or household name to step up and beat the best of the best. Sure, it’s going to take three days of 5-fish limits; and your chances of success are exponentially higher if those limits are in the 10-plus-pound range. But, as you can see from the anglers above, continually improving upon what may have initially seemed to be a sub-par day on the water is just as likely to create a champion as anything else.


THE BIGGEST DAY-TWO BASS was this 4.11-pound largemouth, landed by Bridgford pro Randy Blaukat. He’s in 11th place going into the last day of the tournament.

Overall day-two action was on par with the previous afternoon. Double-digit limits were few and far between, and “big fish” were in the 3½- to 4-pound range. Most limits averaged around 6 pounds, however, there were a few standouts. Thus far, it’s taken just over 9 pounds a day to crack the top 10, so anyone landing a limit in that size range tomorrow essentially has a shot at angling stardom.

As it stands going into the third, and final day of the 2013 U.S. Open, these are your top 10 pros:

1) Brett Hite, 21.06 pounds

2) Rusty Brown, 20.44 pounds

3) Joe Uribe Jr., 20.59 pounds

4) Tommy Jonovich, 20.38 pounds

5) Todd Herman, 19.42 pounds

6) Jamie Cyphers, 19.12 pounds

7) Gary Dobyns, 18.61 pounds

8) John Murray, 18.51 pounds

9) Chris Bozarth, 18.27 pounds

10) Devin McDonald, 18.13 pounds

Of those ten anglers, two are past Open champions — Dobyns and Murray — and there’s enough talent in that group alone to fill Mead itself. But there are 132 additional pros gunning for the title, so you can bet it’s going to be nothing short of a photo finish.

On the AAA side, here are the top 10 co anglers:

1) Scott Palumbo, 20.98 pounds

2) Robert Jeannotte, 20.47 pounds

3) Ronald Cross, 19.38 pounds

4) Mike Hyland, 19.01 pounds

5) Charles Fleisher, 19 pounds

6) Marty Rolph, 18.48 pounds

7) Mark Dalton, 18.37 pounds

8) Chris Beverly, 18.10 pounds

9) Shannon Henry, 17.82 pounds

10) Duane Mierop, 17.74 pounds

Mother Nature did her best to throw a wrench into what has been a well-oiled WON BASS machine, as a severe monsoon-type storm slammed the area just as the final flight of anglers were weighing their fish. Wind gusts well into the 50 mph range wrought havoc with banners and live broadcast equipment, so much so, that the live feed had to be cut early for safety’s sake. Heavy rain, lightning and thunder made for an exhilarating day-two finale, but fortunately, all of the anglers were off the water and safe by the time the winds whipped Mead into a frothy white-capped lake more reminiscent of the Bering Sea than a massive landlocked desert fishery.

The storm was short-lived, however, and hopefully any similar weather will remain at bay until the conclusion of tomorrow’s weigh-in; which, for those looking to watch from home, will again be broadcast live beginning at 2 p.m. sharp.


THE SECOND BIGGEST DAY-TWO BAG belonged to Scott Wingo, who leapt from almost dead last to well above the middle of the pack.


A SEVERE MONSOON-TYPE storm blew through the weigh-in area, wreaking havoc on the banners and camera equipment.


HEAVY RAIN AND GUSTY WINDS slammed the lake just as the last flight of anglers was checking in.

Tuesday, Sept. 10 Update

2013 U.S. Open - Largest Field Since 2006

All heck broke lose in a matter of a few minutes near the end of the day 2 weigh-in. Throughout the Costa Live weigh-in, WON BASS Tournament Director Billy Egan had been talking to the US OPEN anglers about the tough conditions and fishing. The skies had been overcast, and relatively cool for Lake Mead. Then just a bit of breeze came up and about a minute later Billy mentioned something about "here comes the wind" and "pooof" the Costa broadcast went dead.

Storm hits day 2

Just like on day 1 a storm rolls in near the end of the weigh-in on day 2.

As it turns out the broadcast was turned off intentionally when the wind suddenly gusted to 50mph and rain started, and many of the banners got torn loose. But fortunately the storm veered off a bit and things calmed down and the last of the weigh-in was finished just fine.

Randy Blaukat with today's big fish of 4.11

The storm didn't keep Bridgford pro Randy Blaukat from the scales as he weighed in with today's big fish of 4.11. He weighed more than 10 today to stay in the hunt.

See all the standing in just a bit at and also the live webs broadcast at 6 p.m..

There were some questions asked about the live leaderboard. It is a part of the Costa Broadcast where today we were showing the top 5 pro's throughout the live broadcast, which can be reached at each day at 2pm. There was another question about this being the largest field in 6 years, which is true. We started off the tournament with 143 boats. One angler was injured during his practice and had to withdraw, and I am not sure if a AAA stepped up to pro or if we are now at 142, but in either case it is up quite a bit from recent years. The results from past US OPEN can be found in the archives at

Day 2 - Before the bad Weather

Bags of bass are again hitting the scales at Lake Mead on day 2 of the U.S. Open of bass fishing. Our day one leader Todd Herman was first to the scales today with a 5 fish 6.21 limit. That sort of set the stage that despite the change in weather and the brief but severe rainstorm last evening that fishing would remain tough. Some had predicted that the wind would open fishing up, especially for guys throwing the larger surface baits. You can watch the live broadcast on the weigh-in, mornings shows and evening wrap up LIVE at

As the weigh-in moved along other former US OPEN champions had tough day on day 2 as well. Gary Dobyns weighed in 7.22-lbs and Byron Velvick weighed in with 8.09-lbs. These are actually good weights this year, but you tend to expect these legends to hit it out of the park every time. It only proves how tough Lake Mead can get this time of year. A lot of anglers report catching a lot of small fish, short of the 13-inch limit. Many others just say it's tough.

Brett Hite came in with another bag in the 10-lb range and took over the day 2 lead position. That sort of consistency will make him tough to beat if he can do it again on day 3.

Jonovich day 2 US OPEN 2013

TOMMY JONOVICH WEIGHED weighed 9.09-lbs to remain up near the lead on day 2.

Rusty Brown

One of our local SoCal big bass legends Rusty Brown weighed in 10.17 today to stay in the unofficial early lead after 2 days ! Still a lot of boats to weigh in so this may not hold up for the day but anyone in contention at this point is feeling good.

Herman day 2 US OPEN

FIRST DAY LEADER Todd Herman came in with only 6.21-lbs, but good enough to stay in the hunt.

Joe Uribe

JOE URIBE COMES comes up huge on day with 11.22-lbs.

Monday, Sept. 9 Update

Cloudy skies and light rain greet

Open anglers on day two

LAS VEGAS, Nev. The second day of the WON BASS U.S. Open just got underway, and it looks as though anglers will have to contend with a bit of rain throughout the afternoon.


CLOUD COVER AND LIGHT RAIN will likely be present throughout the second day of the Open. How that will impact the bite — positively or negatively — remains to be seen.

A massive storm cell moved into the area yesterday evening, just after the day-one weigh-ins wrapped. The monsoon-like conditions included heavy rain, gusty winds and thunder and lightning. Fortunately, the storm dissipated by the time most everyone went to sleep last night; however, light rains and clouds were lingering this morning.

This is what the leaderboard looks like going into day two:

Top five pros:

1) Todd Herman, 13.22 pounds

2) Michael Caruso, 11.77 pounds

3) Gary Dobyns, 11.36 pounds

4) Tommy Jonovich, 11.29 pounds

5) Gary Robbins, 10.91 pounds

Top 5 AAA’s:

1) Mike Hyland

2) Robert Jeannotte

3) Michael Bidak

4) Doug Delgado

5) Charles Fleisher

Today’s weigh-in starts at 2 p.m. when the first flight of boats is scheduled to arrive at the Callville Bay Marina. Keep your browser pointed here for up-to-the-minute results and news thanks to the live broadcast brought to you by Costa sunglasses.


DAY ONE LEADER, TODD HERMAN, far left, awaits the commencement of the National Anthem to hit the water first on day two, as he was the final angler to weigh in the previous afternoon.

Mead serves up humble pie aplenty

at day one of the U.S. Open

As is oftentimes the case, however, while most dined, a handful shined



LAS VEGAS, Nev. To classify day one of the 2013 U.S. Open as “tough,” would be akin to saying the summertime weather in Vegas is “a tad on the warm side.” “Brutal” seemed to be the most common adjective being tossed around at the weigh-in, as few anglers managed 5-fish limits, let alone a bag reaching the double-digit mark.

As always seems to be the case on Lake Mead, however, for every 50 anglers who either can’t find the fish or the quality, there are always a handful who do.

Day One US OPEN leader 2013

IN FIRST PLACE AFTER DAY ONE is Todd Herman. Together with his AAA, Mike Hyland, the duo had an impressive 5-fish, 13.22-pound limit.

Such was certainly the scenario on the first day of this year’s Open, with most of the 142-boat field averaging 3- to 4-fish bags weighing around the 6-pound mark. Pro Tony Lain most adequately and humorously summed up the day’s action with the statement, “Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield… I’m the bug.”

Dobyns 3rd day one US OPEN 2013

ROUNDING OUT THE top three pros was past Open champion, Gary Dobyns. He and his AAA, Michael Bidak, had 5 fish for 11.36 pounds.

It wasn’t a lack of fish that made day one difficult for most of the anglers; it was finding keepers and “kicker fish.” Most everyone reported multiple-fish days on a variety of baits, but getting on the big-fish spots proved to be a tall order.

Day 1 big bass 2013 US OPEN

was this 5.08-pound largemouth, which anchored pro Michael Caruso’s 11.77-pound bag, good for second place.

“We caught 50 fish today on reaction baits,” said three-time Open champion, Aaron Martens. “We just caught little ones all day.” Along with his AAA, Tim Wells Sr., the team had 5 fish for 7.01 pounds.

There were those, however, who did manage to stumble on the better bass. One of the first to weigh in a sizeable sack was Morizu Shimizu, who had a limit of fish weighing 10.26 pounds, which included a 3.16-pound smallmouth. Next up in the double-digit department was Brett Hite with 5 fish for 10.81 pounds. His lead was short-lived, however, as not long thereafter did Tommy Jonovich bring an 11.29-pound bag to the scale.

“It was my best day ever on Mead,” Jonovich said. “We [he and his AAA Doug Delgado] culled four times.”

That limit prompted both WON BASS Director of Operations, Billy Egan, and Tournament Director Bill Cook to speculate that there would indeed be a 12-pound bag brought to the scale before the day was done.

Rusty Brown came close with a 10.27-pound limit, but Gary Robbins bested that mark with 10.91 pounds. “We had to grind it out,” Robbins said of he and his AAA, Charles Fleisher’s, limit.

Like many Open favorites, last year’s champ Sean Stafford fell short of the double-digit mark, as he and his co, “Crazy” Rick Melead, had a mere 6.13 pounds for their day’s efforts.

One past Open champion who did deliver was Gary Dobyns, whose 11.36 pounds was good for a day-one third-place finish, along with his AAA, Michael Bidak.

Shaun Bailey and Chris Bozarth had near back-to-back quality bags, with 10.13 and 10.54 pounds, respectively.

It wasn’t until the very last angler to launch on day one — number 142, Todd Herman; and thus, the final angler to weigh in — did Egan and Cook’s prediction of a 12-pound limit ultimately come to fruition.

“We just got word that our last boat of the day has quite a bag!” Egan enthusiastically remarked to the crowd as Herman prepared to make his way to the scale.

And once the scale settled at an impressive 13.22 pounds, it became official: Egan and Cook were both correct in their hypothesis, and the U.S. Open had a new tournament leader.

“I basically fished where the baitfish were,” Herman said of his first day’s approach. “I’m going after those areas a little bit different than everyone else. I’m still doing a drop-shot, but it’s a special technique. There’s another guy out there doing the same thing; something you wouldn’t do here at Lake Mead very often.”

Herman spent the nine days prior to the tournament pre-fishing and scouring Lake Mead for locations that were holding better-quality fish. “In practice, you get to look at a lot of places,” he said. “You find one spot and may go 6 hours before finding another. You can fish a thousand places and all of a sudden find the right place.”

For the Open Herman said, he’s got about five different locations to target. He burned up two of them on day one. He plans to fish the other three on day two, and will hopefully have a solid weight going into the final day of the tournament.

“I’ll be fishing by the seat of my pants and going to where I’ve gotten good bites,” he said. “I’ve got a couple of things going right now and hopefully it pans out.”

Included in Herman’s limit was a 4.49-pound largemouth; the second largest day-one fish on the pro side. The first day’s big-fish honors went to Michael Caruso, whose 5.08-pound kicker anchored his 11.77-pound second-place limit.

Action resumes Tuesday morning at sunrise and weigh-ins will once again commence at 2 p.m., when the first flight of boats is due back at the dock.

Monday Weigh-In

Just as the day was about to end, as as the sun was being replaced by thunderclouds, Todd Herman came to the scales and dropped 13.22-lbs on the scales. The Nitro Z-9 / Mercury pro has about a 2-lb lead on day one, but with fishing being tough and conditions looking like they are about to change it's going to be nervous time for anyone with the lead. But since the day's big stringer each day gets a $2,000 check to both the pro and the co-angler, I think he's willing to take the heat.

Todd Herman day one leader 2013 US OPEN

Aaron Martens day 1 US OPEN 2013

BASS FISHING SUPERSTAR Aaron Marten weighs in 5 bass for a 7-lbs limit.

Dobyn's Day 1

GARY DOBYN'S SHOWS he still knows how to fish Lake Mead better than most with his 11.36-lbs bag and a nice 3.5 or so lb big bass. Gary stated that this year it would only take about 30-lbs to win, so he must feel pretty confident as he is above that pace. That was said before Herman weighed his day one big stringer.

US EOPN calm morning day 1

JUST BEFORE THE weigh-in starts. Lake Mead appears calm today, but things can change quickly on this giant body of water.

Morizu Shimuzu US EOPN 2013

ONE OF THE to weigh in today was Morizu Shimizu who had 10.26-lbs, and the first 10-pound bag of the day.

JOHN MURRAY, TWO time past winner of the U.S. Open, weighed in early and thought he had a bad day, but his five fish bag weighing 8.67-lbs is actually up near the top.

usopen Shane Moline

NITRO PRO STAFFER Shane Moline talks with Tournament Director Billy Egan, after a tough first day at the U.S. Open.

The Morning Launch

Day one of the 2013 U.S. Open is officially underway, as 142 Pros and AAA’s took to Lake Mead’s Callville Bay Marina this morning under cloudy (and slightly rainy) skies.

US OPEN 2013 Day one

ANGLERS OBSERVE A moment of silence during the playing of the National Anthem.

US OPEN Launch

2012 OPEN CHAMPION, Sean Stafford, gets ready to tackle day one.


RICK CLUNN HEADS out for the morning with his AAA.

Morning Launch 2013 US OPEN 2013

THE MORNING LAUNCH was met with cloud cover, a bit of rain, and not a lick of wind; which is rather unusual for Mead.

THREE-TIME OPEN CHAMPION, Aaron Martens, prepares to gun it after leaving Callville Bay Marina.

While rain may have been falling intermittently, what was not present for this morning’s launch was the notorious wind, which is essentially a given most any day on Mead. Today, however, such was not the case, as the lake surface was grease calm and air temps hovered right around the 80-degree mark.

Following the presentation of the colors and National Anthem, WON BASS Director of Operations, Billy Egan, along with Tournament Director Bill Cook, set about releasing all 142 anglers to fish, one by one. The blast-off went smoothly, and by 6:15, the Callville Bay Marina was empty… only to be filled once again come 2 p.m. as the first flight of anglers arrives at the weigh station.

The Rules Meeting and Draw

Last Night at 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. the Costa ( Sunglasses ) Live Webcast kicked off the first of many live shows on the web. The link is on, along with all the daily results. WON BASS tournament director Billy Egan hosted the evening with interviews of Aaron Martens and Mike Folkestad.

The meeting was in the hotel main, large meeting room called the Railroad Room, which was packed with anglers waiting to see who they would be matched up with on day one. Meanwhile the huge hotel crowd just outside the windows in the Boulder Station Casino and the sports bar was rocking to the first day of NFL football and the big Sunday night game.

US OPEN WON BASS 2013 The Draw

BILL COOK DID a great job in going over the rules and the draw went quickly. So we are off to a great start.

Sponsor Showcase is Rocking

Once again Mercury proves that the good guys wear and run Black! Mercury's West Coast Tournament Support God Mark Nicolette stands next to a mountain of DFI oil and Merc hats. EVERY pro in attendance will be receiving a gallon of oil during today's Sponsors Showcase which kicks off at 2:00 PM. Mark hasn't missed a single Open and has been on call helping anglers - regardless of their motor brand, since the first Open!

Mercury 2013 US OPEN

DAIWA'S MARKETING MANAGER Curt Arakawa with Pro Chester Baxter explaining the new For 2014 Tatula reels.


SEAGUAR'S GERRY BENEDICTO with Pro Angler Johnny Johnson. EVERY angler in attendance is receiving a spool of Seaguar's 6lb. Invizx! There will be some bonus packs of flouro awarded as drawings. What a great sponsor!

US OPEN 2013 seaguar Gerry

SPONSORS SHOWCASE HAS a sponor this year and it's Adoption Awareness. It's an off day with no fishing, and it's also the first Sunday of the NFL season, so everyone is in a festive mood. It starts off as a line and then just turns into a bass fishing mixer. The line forms, but there is no rush as everyone will get their swag, and Adoption Awareness is providing a few cold beers, or soda, while you wait and talk with the other anglers.

US OPEN Sponsors row 2013

PRO ERIC DAY with Alan Bridgford of Bridgford foods. The snack food king is a new sponsor this year providing premium beef jerky for all of our anglers.

US OPEN 2013 bridgford foods

PRO TOM WENNERLUND with the ladies from Star Tron, Angela Wyman and Doty Hall. Every angler in attendance is receiving a bottle of Star Tron's premium fuel treatment.

Startron US OPEN 2013

Lights, Camera and Action... This years U.S. Open has it all. A large field with most of the best desert lake anglers, heat, wind, rain, a huge treasure chest of prizes and cash to award, and a lot of new sponsors and new anglers. So it's time to get the party started.

We had some interesting weather the last couple days, which is not uncommon this time of year. The tropical storms and hurricanes down south push up into the southwest this time of year, and when they mix with the desert heat you get some amazing weather. Dealing with the grueling heat one day or minute and then to have winds and driving rain come up quickly is just one of the things that separates the OPEN from others. Many call it the Iditorade of bass fishing.

The sponsors participation has really been a big story leading up to this years U.S. Open. There are numerous new sponsors and new prizes and awards, which will be detailed on, but it's worth mentioning some of the new things for this year. First there is a painting by the famous bass artist Allison Shaw, who is creating his version of the start from Calville Bay at Lake Mead. What angler wouldn't want this momento from the 2013 U.S. Open.

Allison Shaw Painting

And just this morning, Lowrance jumped in with both feet and hands and gave us literally the largest electronics prize in U.S. Open history. This $4,300.00 unit is a 12-inch touch screen monster, loaded with all the newest bells and whistles that make their units the leader in bass fishing sonar and electronics.

Then of course we have the really big guns at the U.S. Open, our title sponsors. Costa sunglasses is again presenting the U.S. Open live webcast, morning shows and evening wrap-up. All of this is available on starting Sunday evening at 6PM with the world famous U.S. Open sponsors showcase.

This tournament kickoff party is our Sponsor Showcase and is the venue for the anglers to mix with each other and our sponsors, the night before competition begins. The swag is rolling, as is the tournament smack talk, nerves and a few cocktails ( Provided courtesy of our new sponsor Adoption Awareness).

Nitro and Mercury are the U.S. Open title sponors and provide an incredible Z-8 Nitro boat, coupled with a Mercury 200 HP Optimax to go along with all the first place cash on the Pro side. On the AAA side the winner will also get a Snug Top camper shell this year which is another new award. There is much, much more and it will all be up on WON BASS as we get this started and on the live broadcast. But check out this US OPEN boat we are awarding.

Nitro Mercury 2013 US OPEN boat

Sean Stafford Comes From Behind To Win 2012 U.S. OPEN

Sean Stafford Wins 2012 WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open

Defeats Two-Time Champion Clifford Pirch by Narrow Margin.

Sean Celebrates after hearing he won 2012 US OIPEN
Sean Stafford celebrates after hearing he won the 2012 U.S. OPEN. He weighed in during the second flight and sat in the Costa Hot Seat for almost two hours, beating out the last angler to weigh in, Clifford Pirch, by .15-lbs.

Las Vegas, Nev. – September 13, 2012 – The theme for the 2012 WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open has been the proverbial adage, “change is constant.” Once again, the conditions at Lake Mead made an about face and it made for interesting decision making for the 256 anglers in the field.

But, when you are running the most prestigious single tournament in the Western United States; one that has a reputation for being the toughest tournament in bass fishing, a little adversity adds to the story.

Following a day with dense clouds and desert monsoon conditions, Lake Mead became a gentle lady and provided the field with high, bluebird skies and glassy surface waters.  While those conditions are perfect for a boating day with the family, they are certainly no gift for the bass angler.
High skies and light winds the day after a front mean tough fishing.  But, these are among the best anglers in the world, and they have the ability adjust to the conditions with efficiency and deal with adversity in confidence.

While a large portion of the field showed their dexterity, in the end it was Sean Stafford who made the best decisions and emerged as the 2012 WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury Outboards U.S. Open Champion.

In an unlikely turn of events, Stafford posted 13.16 pounds of bass; including the largest bass of the day.  His three day total weight of 34.60 was enough to leapfrog the eight anglers in front of him to claim the title of 2012 WON BASS U.S. Open Champion. To make matters more interesting, Stafford weighed in during the second flight, and sat in the Costa Sunglasses hot seat until the final angler weighed in.

“I’m a little speechless right now,” said Stafford of his win immediately after weigh-in concluded. ”This is my ninth U.S. Open, and it’s my favorite tournament to fish in; I still can’t believe I won.”

Stafford said that he used a two pronged approach to the U.S. Open, depending upon the conditions the day presented him. On days one and two, he focused primarily on using a variety of topwater baits, but turned to a Canyon Plastics tube when the conditions slicked off.  

“I really targeted isolated grass clumps with either approach,” Stafford reported. “The topwater baits were used around the clumps, and the tube helped me fish tighter when the sun was high.” Stafford earned over $40,000 in cash, and a Nitro Z8 / Mercury Outboard prize package bringing his total winnings to more than $80,000.

Stafford remained standing as the leader until Clifford Pirch, a two-time WON BASS U.S. Open Champion came to the scales. Pirch’s fish hit the scales and his 9.92-pound five bass limit fell .15 ounces short, narrowly missing his third U.S. Open title.

“I’m really disappointed that I fell short today,” said Pirch. “That’s not to take anything away from Sean (Stafford); he fished really well, congratulations to him. “I got the bite I needed at 3:05 today and wasn’t able to land it.  It was the biggest fish I’ve ever seen at Lake Mead, and I lost it.”

Pirch reported using multiple approaches to produce his fish throughout the event. He said that spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and deep crankbaits produced for him in the wind, but he turned to Roboworms on a dropshot rig today when the conditions slicked off.

Dick Watson, who began the day in third place, maintained his position by tossing Revenge spinnerbaits and jigs to bring his total weight to 32.64 pounds. Jamie Shaw wound up fourth with 32.54 pounds and Chris Bozarth rounded out the top five with 31.66 pounds.

The AA division proved to be a landslide by Lake Mead standards. Ken Whalen of Lompoc, Calif. placed 34.45 pounds on the U.S. Open scales to claim the title of 2012 WON Bass U.S. Open AAA Champion. Whalen also managed to bring a 4.94-pound largemouth to the scales on day one, which proved to be the largest bass of the tournament.

Overall, WON BASS paid out $30,000 in big fish awards and an additional $12,000 in big bag awards for the event.

The WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open takeoff will occur at Callville Bay Marina on Wednesday beginning at 5:45AM, with daily weigh-ins starting at 2:00PM. Following the event's conclusion on Wednesday, a champion will be crowned at Boulder Station Casino the final evening of the event.
The WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open presented by Costa Sunglasses Webcasts will begin with the crowning of the Champion at 6:30PM from the Boulder Station Casino, followed immediately by the Costa Sunglasses post game show; all show times are Pacific Standard Time.

The WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open has been presented by Costa Sunglasses on, at the event page of the 2012 The WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open presented by Costa Sunglasses -
The WON BASS Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open has been presented by Costa Sunglasses and was also brought to you by Mustad Hooks, Yozuri, SNUGTop, Seaguar, Plano Tackle Systems, ZBlok, Daiwa, TOP This, Mud Hole, Promar, Big Hammer Swimbaits, Trolling Motor Doctor, River2Sea, SPRO, YUM, Seeker Fishing Rods, Optimum Baits and Zip Baits.

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