Editorial: Constitutional Rights

Editorial: Keeping California constitutional

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Sep 08, 2017

It’s pretty hard not to notice that Californians’ Constitutional rights and freedoms are under constant attack by our very own elected representatives. Reason? Because the majority of the state’s voters live in cities and big urban sprawl areas where they are accustomed to being controlled, so they elect controlling politicians.

It’s unfortunate that those citizens have never experienced the freedoms that true Americans experience, free of the control and taxation of elected representatives, but that is what we have to live with here in the “Golden State.” Unfortunately, the only “gold” that’s left here in California is all syphoned off into the coffers of our politicians.

Thank God for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) and their constant vigilance and willingness to litigate to protect our rights.

For instance, the Los Angeles City Council has repealed a city ordinance they passed that prohibited the sale or transfer of “ultracompact” firearms in Los Angeles after non-stop pressure and threat of litigation by the NRA and CRPA. Why? Because the ordinance conflicted with state law, so the ordinance was “pre-empted” by the state law and invalid.

That wasn’t the only recent NRA/CRPA victory in Los Angeles worth celebrating. In 2015, the City adopted an ordinance prohibiting the possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Last year, both Proposition 63 and SB1446 were enacted, making it a violation of state law to possess these same standard capacity magazines. That ordinance has now expired.

In May, NRA/CRPA filed a legal complaint against the two propositions, claiming that the State’s taking of these common magazines was a violation of the Second Amendment and also an unconstitutional taking of legally acquired property without just compensation. In late June, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction prohibiting the new laws from going into effect. The action is now being considered by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which will render their decision in coming months.

While we wait for the decision from the 9th Circuit, Californians can legally possess these magazines. That’s good news for all California gun owners — including those who do not reside in Los Angeles. Thousands of law-abiding gun owners routinely travel through city limits to reach popular ranges such as the Angeles Shooting Range and other destinations that require traveling through city limits with firearms and the magazines that would have been prohibited.

We need to support the National Rifle Association, California Rifle, Pistol Association, and all of the pro-hunting groups and clubs in California. Fighting for our rights is a non-stop job!

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