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Equipment Review: AVET’s MXJ lever drag reels

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 27, 2018

Blue-collar, versatile,
made for the West Coast


The MXJ lever-drag reels from Avet are ideally-suited for “workhorse” type duty off the Southern California and Baja coast.

The anodized construction featuring precision-machined marine-grade aluminum not only allows them to shrug off boat wear and corrosion, but it also results in an eye-catching finish. These U.S.-made reels sport stunning finishes – and come in a wide variety of colors – that will certainly stand out on the rod rack.

The Avet MXJ 5.8 lever drag is well-thought-out at every turn, and the long list of features includes but is nowhere near limited to: a true one-piece frame, powerful lever drag system with adjustable strike and precision machined stainless gearing, Avet’s patented, indestructible and silent anti-reverse, superior stopping power with Avedrag dry carbon fiber drags that produce up to 9 pounds of drag at strike and 14 pounds at full and much more. Their light, narrow spool design is optimal for throwing light surface iron and less line leveling during the retrieve, and they are perfect for flylining everything from anchovies to racehorse ‘dines or squid.

Be it offshore, island or inshore, there are no types of West Coast fishing Avet’s MXJ lever drag reels can’t tackle.

For more information on these reels and the rest of Avet’s impressive lineup, visit their web site.

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