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Equipment Review: Axeon Optics

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 10, 2017

Get dialed in to Zero with Axeon Optics and Absolute Zero



Axeon Optics has released an unbelievably simple device taking all the guesswork and frustration out of sighting in a rifle. The Absolute Zero is comprised of two lasers and attaches to most scopes. It works in as little as one shot. Save time, save money get on target.

Sighting in a firearm is twice as fast with the Axeon Absolute Zero sight-in device. Spend valuable time and money at the range practicing skills instead of sighting in a rifle. It's never been easier — simply put the Absolute Zero onto a scope and place the rifle on a rest. Turn the laser on and align the twin laser beams on the included reflective target 25 yards away and fire a single shot. Then put the laser beams on the same two points on the chart that you started with, which now creates a triangulation with the bullet hole, and adjust the scope to the bullet’s impact point. Assuming no shooter errors, you’re precisely zeroed in at 25 yards in just one shot. Based on ballistics you can then dial your scope to the bull at 100 yards giving you cold barrel accuracy. In one shot you’re on target at 100 yards in no time and you’ve saved money on ammo.

The Axeon Absolute Zero is cross-platform compatible and made water-resistant and shock proof. The easy-to-use mount can be adapted to any 1-inch or 30mm scope tube or used with a Picatinny rail adapter. A reflective laser chart is included so you can easily see the red lasers downrange even in bright conditions.

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