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Equipment Review: New Blue Fox Vibrax

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: May 21, 2019

Chaser brings out the bad in big, competitive predators


Only the primal, competitive fear that another fish is about to eat its lunch or that an easy meal is escaping could make the venerable Blue Fox® Spinner even more productive for nailing big fish than its legendary history of success.

Developing a lure that would simultaneously trigger both of those attack instincts is what led the fishing professionals at Blue Fox to develop the new Vibrax® Chaser.

The enhanced “Chaser,” to be released for 2019, combines the legendary fish-attracting flash and sonic vibration of the classic Blue Fox Spinner with a soft-bait trigger that brings out the competitive strike-first instinct in big game fish. On-the-water testing is proving it to be an irresistible combination, especially for larger freshwater gamefish. Typically, during prototype testing it was the biggest fish in the pool or weed bed that struck.

Our fishing professionals are not sure if it’s the competitive illusion of a small fish chasing a smaller fish or the flash, sonic appeal and soft-bait attraction of vulnerable prey that triggers the strike reaction in large gamefish. Either way there’s nothing soft or delicate when a big predator unloads on a Vibrax Chaser.

The new “Chaser” combines the legendary flash, action and sonic vibration of the classic Blue Fox Spinner with a soft trailer bait molded and colored to imitate several regionally important food fish, such as small Yellow Perch and Fingerling Rainbow Trout.

The free-turning machined brass main body reduces line twist, and the patented two-part bell and gear adds vibration, rattle and low-frequency sound that attracts all predator fish —especially Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Salmon and Trout. For decades, this subtle sound has been the secret to Blue Fox Spinner success on gamefish from Alaska to Alabama and beyond.

The 45-degree blade runs 2 to 4 feet deep, spinning in a wide arc directly on a stainless steel shaft creating maximum vibration and flash. The two-part main body incorporates a free-turning brass gear that virtually eliminates line twist and the need for a connecting swivel.

Razor-sharp VMC® treble hooks are positioned at the tail of the soft-bait trailer, where most big predator fish strike.

The legendary spinner blades come in sizes 2 and 3, in six proven color and pattern combinations including copper, gold and silver. The Vibrax Chaser Model BFVCH2 is available in 3/10 ounce and the BFVCH3 in ½ ounce.


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