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Equipment Review: New Daiwa Tactical Jig Tote Bag

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 02, 2018

What a great way to hold and protect your jig investment


Daiwa is pleased to announce the arrival of the Tactical Jig Tote Bag. For years, offshore anglers have struggled to find a proper way to organize jigs that is quick, accessible and convenient.

The new Tactical Jig Tote Bag goes a long way toward solving that problem. Constructed from durable TEC Fabric with double reinforced stitching, this tote is built for the roughest rides.

The #10 Delran corrosion resistant zipper will perform dependably where most other zippers soon fail. The side pockets are well designed to hold rigging or leader material. The jig slots are impact resistant and safely organize plenty of jigs of varying sizes. The extended handle makes it easy to lug up the dock.

A unique rinse-through wash down design allows the user to rinse salt off the jigs without removing. The whole package is complete with a sharp Daiwa D-Vec Tactical logo. If you spend more time looking for a jig rather than throwing it, then it’s time to step-up to the the Tactical Jig Tote Bag and organize your game.


• Double Reinforced Stitching

• TEC Fabric

• #10 Delran Zipper Corrosion resistant

• Extended Rigging Side Pockets

• Impact Resistant Jig Slots

• Extended Handle Strap

• Rinse Through Wash Down Design


• $39.99

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