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Equipment Review: Daiwa’s new, long casting Tatula Elite

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Sep 20, 2019

Longest casting reels on the market


Daiwa is pleased to announce the arrival of a new addition to the acclaimed Tatula Family of reels, the Tatula Elite. This innovative reel was designed and engineered with distance casting as a focus, with features to complement that objective. A variety of engineering technologies combine to make this the one of the longest casting reels on the market. The redesigned A7075 aluminum spool is extremely lightweight, allowing for increased casting distance with minimal effort. The highly-tuned magnetic based Magforce braking system has been tweaked from our industry leading Magforce system to maximize casting distance. The combination of the newly designed spool and the fine tuned braking system allows for an effortless cast, as the startup inertia of the spool is much lower.

The Tatula Elite allows for maximum distance with minimum effort. The reel is also equipped with our well known T-Wing System, which allows the line to cast off the spool with reduced friction, increasing casting distance and accuracy. The Zero Adjustor sets the spool play at the peak resistance for the reel out of the box, only needing adjustments from the Magforce sideplate settings. A 100 sized aluminum frame and sideplate generate maximum durability and power in a compact and lightweight profile.

A 90mm Swept Handle assures a positive and comfortable retrieve. The combination of the newly designed spool, the fine tuned braking system, the T-Wing System and our redesigned lightweight spool truly make the Tatula Elite the race car of casting reels, a valuable long casting tool in the arsenal of any skilled anglers.


• Engineered specifically for distance casting

• Designed and tuned by the Daiwa pros

• A7075 light, long cast spool

• Highly tuned Magforce breaking system

• Zero Adjustor

• T-Wing System(TWS)

• Aluminum frame and Aluminum side plate(gear side)

• Laser engraved D-vec logo

• 90mm Swept Handle

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