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Equipment Review: Kill Fish Company

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 27, 2018

The ultimate gaff!


Two friends, Kevin Fortmeyer and Rick Tierney, have combined their experience and true passion for the ocean to bring the fishing industry some of the highest quality fishing products and apparel.

Together, they identified some major flaws in current fishing gear and worked out a plan to fix them.

If you’ve never had a problem with your gaff, consider yourself lucky. A true fisherman knows that the gaff is a vital tool when reeling in big game.

Most modern gaffs are aluminum and plastic parts with a hook that can bend, snap, spin out and rust. Kill Fish gaffs are made with authentic Calcutta Bamboo, one of the strongest, most durable natural materials on earth. Hand wrapped non slip grips ensure that you get the best swing at your fish at the critical moment near the boat.

The proprietary hook is made from stainless steel and then heat treated, guaranteeing that it will not rust or shatter. This baby will pierce through all fish! If you do lose your gaff to the waves, rest assured, it floats!

Each gaff is handmade in the USA. They are individually crafted with the finest materials to ensure a long lasting saltwater fishing gaff that you can know and trust.

With equal consideration, Kill Fish is now producing Bait Nets with Calcutta handles and hand woven nets. More gear is on the horizon and you’re sure to see more from this fresh new team.

Introducing Kill Fish Company; merging tradition and technology to provide truly innovative gear.

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