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Equipment Review: Rapala X-Rap Magnum 40

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Aug 24, 2017

Reach deep for offshore fish



Big offshore fish can run deep, but they can’t hide. The X-Rap Magnum 40 gives you the chance to find them. With the ability to run at 40 feet, the X-Rap Magnum is now the biggest and deepest-running bait from Rapala.

“The No. 1 offshore trolling lure just got bigger and better,” says George Poveromo, host of “George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing” on NBC Sports Outdoors. “The new size 40 X-Rap Mag runs to 40 feet – deeper than any other Rapala.”

You can troll X-Rap Mag 40s as fast as 13 knots for big game fish. They feature a textured, translucent, X-style plastic body, an internal scale pattern, internal holographic foil and 3-D holographic eyes.

“Deep-running X-Rap Mags are great in a lot of different ranges and destinations around the world,” Poveromo says. “They have a lot of appeal to a broad range of pelagic fish that are not up on the surface feeding.”

A massive lip helps the X-Rap Mag 40 dive to 40 feet unassisted, with nothing to hinder its action. “That large lip takes them down to within the portion of the water column where fish are holding deep and not really wanting to come up,” Poveromo says. “They’ll stay down like that sometimes, whether it’s because bait is holding deep, or because the surface water temperature is not quite comfortable enough for them to come up.”

Hand-tuned and tank-tested, X-Rap Mag 40s run perfectly right out of the box. “They’re so well fine-tuned that once that lip takes the lure down into the strike zone, it’s got that perfect wobbling side-to-side action that really drives fish mad,” Poveromo says. “When it wobbles side-to-side like that, the fish pick up the vibration with their lateral lines. So not only do anglers have a lure that’s really fine-tuned and looking really realistic swimming through those depths, but they’ve got these vibrations coming off of it. So it’s a vibration thing that pulls them in and also a visual thing when they see it.”

X-Rap Mag 40 measures 7 inches and weighs 3-3/8 ounces. They come armed with two No. 5/0 VMC 4X Perma Steel Hooks. They are available in 20 big-water color patterns: Bunker, Blue Sardine, Bonita, Dorado, Firetiger, Glass Ghost, Gold Green Mackerel, Hot Head, Hot Pink UV, Lime Light UV, Purple Mackerel, Red Head, Red Head UV, Silver, Silver Blue Mackerel, Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse, Sailfish UV, Spotted Minnow, Wahoo UV and Yellowfin Tuna. Retail Price: $24.99.

Visit our web site at www.rapala.com.

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