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Equipment Review: Tenzing TZ BV13 bird vest

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 04, 2013

Tenzing TZ BV13 steps it up with new bird vests

Up until now, an upland bird hunting vest has been, well, pretty much just a vest for carrying shells and downed birds. As usual, Tenzing believes performance gear should be something more than just one dimensional in what it can do and how it fits. As a result, the Tenzing TZ BV13 is destined to become the new standard in upland game bird hunting vests.

For starters, the TZ BV13 is designed to fit body contours better. More comfort comes from a fully adjustable waist belt and having two load-lifter straps to keep the weight of shells and birds up and tight against the body for less strain on the shoulders and back.

The vest’s shape allows more natural movement of body motions, whether using both arms to navigate through heavy cover or when swinging quickly on a bird that caught you off-guard. Improved mobility normally translates into a better shooting performance.

The wrap-around bird-carrying compartment allows easy access on either side. And when it’s time to clean birds, the compartment unzips for easy transporting of the game to the cleaning station.

The Tenzing upland vest is also part pack. It has 13 pockets and compartments, including two for radios or dog-collar accessories, plus 14 shotshell loops to keep your loads close and accessible. It also has an H2O compatible compartment for 2- and 3-liter reservoirs.

The TZ BV13 is equipped with a pullover hunter orange vest that covers the back and sides for good safety practices while afield. The bright colored material easily stores in its own pocket when not needed.

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