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Equipment Review: Tigress Outriggers

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jan 21, 2020

Gives you the correct release




Tigress Outriggers and Gear knows that the right release clip can be the difference between a hookup and a missed strike. So they put the same attention to detail into crafting release clips as they do their industry-leading outrigger poles and kite fishing systems.

Tigress has the correct clip for every scenario, from outriggers to downriggers and everything in between. Whether you’re trolling for marlin or flying the kite, you can have a clip that produces just the right amount of pressure to ensure the perfect release-and hook up. Each clip is built with Tigress’ dedication to quality, so you know you can trust them even during the most competitive tournament.

Tigress offers multiple release clips so you can always get your line right where it needs to be – and have it let go exactly when it should. With options for flatlines, downriggers, outriggers, and kites, Tigress has you covered no matter how you like to fish. Combined with the rest of Tigress’ lines of outriggers and accessories, you can place your bait exactly where it needs to be to get bit and count on hooking up when it does.

Look to Tigress for all of your trolling and spread management needs. However you fish, Tigress keeps you covered and connected – but knows just when to let go.

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