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Equipment Review: Winn Grip Sleeves

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jun 19, 2018

A Small Price to Pay for Comfort and Performance


Slip-sliding away! That’s what happens to your hopes of landing a big fish when your fingers slip off the reel knobs on a quick and sudden hookset.

The truth is, slips do happen! And they happen most often when they are most costly – during tough bites and in encounters with the biggest, toughest fish in the nastiest cover or weather conditions.

Avid anglers, tournament professionals and leading reel manufacturers all hail the virtues of “Slip Control,” the advantage that the WinnDry polymer brings to the fisherman’s fingertips. Made with the patented WinnDry polymer that has revolutionized fishing rod handles, Winn Grip Sleeves give the same sense of control and security to your fingers that Winn rod grips and overwraps deliver to the angler’s hand.

Additionally, the Grip Sleeves use finger ergonomics resulting in less hand fatigue during a long day on the water. Implementing the use of Grip Sleeves allows anglers to use more of their finger muscles with less fatigue, allowing for long hours of fishing in maximum comfort.

Winn Grip Sleeves slide directly over the existing reel handles, and provide a comfortable surefire grip on any baitcasting or spinning reel that feature paddle handles.

Winn Grip Sleeves come in a variety of different colors, and are currently offered in two different profiles (Straight and Barrel).

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