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Equipment Review: YO-ZURI TopKnot Mainline Fluorocarbon

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Mar 13, 2019

Fish the best!


Tested to the highest standards with precision performance results in every region, Yo-Zuri quality manufactured products have been a staple in the fishing community for many decades. TopKnot MainLine is geared to perfecting the art of fishing and giving the angler the chance to truly “Fish The Best.”

Yo-Zuri’s attention to detail and quality precision manufacturing processes make this MainLine a “must-have” for any dedicated angler. The TopKnot MainLine series consists of seven choices of pound test ranging from 6-20 pound test. Yo-Zuri is providing all the pieces to the challenging decision on what fishing line is actually the Best.

TopKnot MainLine is one of the newest products from Yo-Zuri, combining the precision and discipline of its Asian heritage with the craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit of the American market. This series was designed to be the top choice for every angler. The low memory of MainLine allows for a smooth and clean removal of line without a tangled mess. Another key feature is the Superior Knot Strength that the TopKnot MainLine series offers.

Yo-Zuri’s attention to detail and commitment to providing the angler the best product possible has resulted in decades of success and excellence in its product line. The TopKnot series displays the best Yo-Zuri has to offer and will quickly become a leading competitor on the market. It is designed to withstand countless strikes and encounters with even the toughest of fighters. The durability and abrasion resistance of this top notch product gives anglers the most bang for their buck!

Yo-Zuri has continued to push the envelope by adding another record breaking feature to the TopKnot series: The TopKnot MainLine has Superior Knot Strength which minimizes gear failures and offers the best chance for landing a trophy fish.

When “Fish The Best” becomes more of a mission statement than just a slogan, developing the best products on the market become second nature!

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