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Event Report: George Kramer in Hall of Fame

Fresh water fishing Hall of Fame: George Kramer inducted as a legendary communicator

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 22, 2012

LONG BEACH — George Kramer, former WON BASS Editor and longtime staffer, book author and web communicator on the bass world will be inducted into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach.

The induction ceremony will be held on Thursday, March 8, at 5 p.m. at the Long Beach Convention Center. Legendary Angler Bill Siemantel of the Big Bass Zone (BBZ) will be hosting the ceremony for the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame at the Anglers Marine display.

The Hall of Fame Awards Committee met Aug. 15 and 16 in Hayward, Wisconsin and made the selection of Kramer, a longtime resident of Lake Elsinore.
The committee consists of a cross section of  freshwater sportfishing leaders. They are:  Bill Gautsche – Chairman (Wisconsin); Wendy Williamson – Co-Chairman (Wisconsin); Larry Colombo (Alabama); Clem Dippel (Wisconsin); Mike Dombeck (Wisconsin); James Gammon (Indiana); Elmer Guerri (Indiana); Bruce Holt (Washington); Tim Lesmeister (Minnesota); Gil Radonski (North Carolina); Vin Sparano (New Jersey); Burt Steinberg (Missouri); Gregg Wollner (Minnesota) and Forrest Wood (Arkansas).
Kramer was inducted as the Hall’s 2012  Legendary Communicator. Considered for the Hall entry are persons who have developed a unique communication means or avenue, which was instrumental in introducing fishing to the public or in maintaining public interests or awareness.
Kramer has certainly done that over nearly five decades. Since his first freelance article in 1973 (a hopeful piece on a 7-time heart attack victim, expanding his local lure business) he has been telling stories, encouraging anglers, helping youth groups and promoting sportfishing in the West.

Often using himself as the foil, George’s “Strictly Bass” columns in Western Outdoor News and his pieces the now defunct Fishing & Hunting News were some of the most-read features in those publications. Those forums, as well as others in both print and on the Internet, have allowed  Kramer to deliver key angling advice and the encouragement of ethical behavior for many years.
Kramer’s 1990 coffee table book, “Bass Fishing, An American Tradition,” is often quoted, for its grasp of the heartfelt, mingling in the tales of a lifetime of fishing.

In 2001, combining with noted bass angler Don Iovino, Kramer helped write, “Finesse Bass Fishing & The Sonar Connection.” Never one to shun a cause he felt deserving,  Kramer was the first to address the issue of the media’s role in covering the World Championship of bass fishing. He declared that the on-the-water media observers should observe, not fish, so they (media members) could not affect the outcome of the competition. Kramer also challenged his own state’s regulations on the overt wearing of a fishing license.
In the mid-1990s, he also unveiled his own California Top 40 Bass Anglers List, as well as inspiring a California Top Freshwater Anglers list for Western Outdoors magazine. His Top 40 continues to appear each spring and serves as a special means to recognize or introduce competent, ethical bass anglers who reside in the Golden State.

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GEORGE KRAMER, to be inducted into the National Fresh Water Hall of Fame at the Anglers Marine area at the Fred Hall Long Beach show, 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 8.

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