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Winters: Kokanee action picks up to ‘great’ at Lake Berryessa

By BILLY DRIESSEN/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jun 13, 2019

WINTERS — As temperatures continue to rise, the fishing continues to improve at Lake Berryessa. More and more anglers are heading out each day to catch their limits of kokanee and the bite is only getting better.

brutekokaneeBRUTE KOKANEE — Andrew Barr of Dixon with a 17-inch kokanee taken on Berryessa while on a trip with dad Captain Troy of T-roy's Guide Service. This brute fell for RMT Dodger radical glow spinner setup tipped with Pautkze Firecorn and Atlas Mikes scent.

“All I can really say is the kokanee bite is wide open,” said Troy Barr of T-Roy’s Guide Service. “I ran 4 trips this past week out trolling for kokes and we managed to catch limits of fish for everyone in 2 hours or less each day. That is some really good fishing and with any luck it will only get better throughout the summer as conditions continue to change. The big defining factor out there is whatever is happening with their food source has the fish starting to bunch up in schools making them much easier to target without having to cover as much water.

“We are starting to catch some bigger fish,” Barr said. “We landed multiple fish over 16 inches long the past few days and a couple that came in close to the 18-inch mark, which is a great sized koke out here. The fish seem to be somewhat scattered throughout the water column, but we are finding our best bites between 35 and 50 feet right now, so it’s best to start with your depths staggered until you find the depth that is working for you. Ranch house and the Big Island area have been great areas for us this past week. We are still trolling RMT Dodgers with spinners, hoochies, and Uncle Larry’s spinners tipped with corn that has been soaked in Atlas Mike’s scents,” Barr said.

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