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Northern CA Saltwater Fishing Report

Albacore hit the decks just 8 miles off of Eureka

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Oct 08, 2013

EUREKA — Albacore came close inshore, as few as 8 miles out of Eureka, and good spots were scattered over a wide area and counts went as high as 40 fish for one private boat. Pacific halibut were willing to bite, but those pesky albacore were in the way. Rockfishing was tough because of wind and currents..

WON Field Reporter, Lonnie Dollarhide said, “Here on the North Coast at first light you can look up into the sky and see ducks and geese flying and feel the chill in the air. Fall is here and the 2013 ocean sports season is winding down. Today the fish Gods were looking down on us from Eureka to Crescent City. The wind died and the swell came down and tuna were caught just 8 miles offshore out of Eureka.”

There were some halibut caught over the weekend out of Eureka. Anglers did confess to finding it difficult to focus on halibut when tuna are jumping nearby.

Fishing for rockfish down at Cape Mendocino was tough over the weekend. One private boater reported they had to use 2 pounds of lead in 60 feet of water to stay down, due to wind and current. That's tough fishing!

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