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Early salmon limits for Gold Beach boaters

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff Writer Published: Jul 02, 2013

GOLD BEACH, OREGON — On some days, boats barely needed to leave the Rogue Bay harbor before hooking into salmon. Winchester Bay produced good size salmon and roockfishing off the southern Oregon coast was in a temporary slump due to choppy seas and fast drifts.

WON Field Reporter Curtis Palmer reported that Rogue Reef has not been putting out the usual great limits of bottomfish locals are used to seeing. Palmer said, “I feel it is due to the wind chop and fast drifts. Believe me, this area does not have poor bottomfishing for very long periods, so it will most likely be good by the time you make travel plans.”

King salmon were caught just offshore and they were closer than the bottomfish. Saturday, a local was back in the Port of Gold Beach before 9:00 a.m. with 6 adult kings. Winchester Bay has been having boats return from morning outings with some very nice-sized Chinook's. Afternoon winds have made it difficult to do much more than early trips, but that’s okay, since there has been a good bite.

Brookings is in full swing for another banner season and this is the spot for salty king's. With the excitement of salmon fishing and sometimes fast currents, it is easy to cross boundaries. Regulations explain that Oregon and California border is the southern-most line for season regulations and if fishing south of the 42 line, anglers need California license and regulations, even if leaving from Brookings, Oregon.

Chinook salmon were being caught as far out as two miles and as close as the Channel Buoys out of Brookings. Early morning seemed the time to go, and with good fortune, anglers were back at the cleaning station by breakfast time. “I did receive a report mentioning that some king's were caught in what is considered to be the Chetco River Bay,” Palmer said. “These salmon will drift in and follow the bait fish into the mouth of the river on the incoming tides once in awhile.

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