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Castaic Lake bass fishing steady when winds lay down

BY BLAKE WARREN/WON Staff WriterPublished: May 01, 2019

CASTAIC — North winds have long been a bugaboo for Castaic Lake anglers, often making fishing quite the challenge or shutting the lake down altogether as it has a handful of times already this spring. Winds blew pretty good a few days this past week but on the days the wind laid down, the bass bite proved steady. There weren’t quite the huge numbers that were there a week ago, but counts are solid and the quality appears to be starting to pick up a tick as the fish continue their annual dance in the shallows.

A GREEN PUMPKIN SENKO fooled this quality Castaic chunk for John Muscanaro of Studio City while fishing with guide Jim Taibi this past week.

“The fish are starting to get bigger slowly,” said lake regular John Petroski. “I managed to tap about 25 fish in two short morning tours, mostly dragging C3 Ice Picks or the Shimmy on a Carolina rig, but a few on the drop-shot as well. I was targeting the 10- to 20-foot zone and found the quality fish not on beds, but the nearest drops and points closest to the beds. It’s good times right now.”

With water temps around 65 or so and holding, Castaic’s bass have just really gotten the spawn going in earnest at the lake and the first major wave of spawners is now doing its thing. However, there are still plenty of pre-spawn fish starting to make their moves, with biters being found anywhere from right up on the banks out to 25 feet.

Guide Rusty Brown has also been getting out on Castaic here and there and has been keeping close tabs on the lake, saying that anglers can just plan on limiting the arsenal primarily to drop-shots and Senkos. “There’s a few fish coming on jerkbaits and cranks first thing in the morning but it’s mostly all plastics,” he said. “Green pumpkin/copper flake Senkos have been real consistent along with 6-inch drop-shot Robos in oxblood/light red flake, Aaron’s Magic and hologram shad. Ned worms are working too. Over the past week and a half or so the Fish Arm’s been the better bet.”

betterqualityBETTER QUALITY IS slowly starting to show at Castaic Lake, as evidenced by this nice largemouth taken on a C3 Shimmy on the Carolina rig at about 15 feet for lake regular John Petroski.

FIRST BASS EVER for 5-year-old Candace at Castaic while fishing with her grandpa last week.

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