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Double-digit-bass mark cracked at Diamond Valley Lake

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff Writer Published: May 09, 2019

HEMET — The largemouth stage at Diamond Valley Lake is pretty much entirely in post-spawn mode with some smaller bass being caught close to shore but almost all quality models coming out of deeper water.

deeperwaterDEEPER WATER IS producing the bigger bass at DVL, and this 10.1 pounder caught by Riverside angler Al Lecesne is the cream of the recent crop. This one ate a thin Senko in watermelon/red flake rigged weightless and worked in 30 feet of water.

One of those was a monster bucketmouth caught by WON reader Al Lecesne that tipped the scale at 10.2 pounds. That fish was caught on a weightless Thin Senko in watermelon/red flake, and he along with his buddy Jim Slack also bagged a couple 5 pounders on Ikas. The two Riverside-based anglers were working their baits in 30 feet of water.

That general depth zone has been the magic range for bigger fish for the better part of a month now, and other bassers are dropping drop-shots and Texas rigs for their bites. Another nice one was a 6.1 pound largemouth that ate a tube for Junior Torrez.

Striped bass fishing would be considered slow for anyone throwing lures or soaking cut baits, but those who troll flies for stripers might say otherwise. Hemet-based guide and “fly coring” guru Mike Southerland seems to bag a few every time out.

The final trout stock of the season was 3,500 pounds on April 16, 1,000 pounds of which were Lightning Trout. There are still a few stragglers being caught along the bank-fishing-friendly shorelines either way of the Marina, but it’s going to be time to hang up the DVL trout gear pretty quick here.

THIS 6.10-POUND largemouth ate a tube bait on Diamond Valley Lake for Junior Torrez.

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