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Hesperia Lake catfish full speed with trout season looming

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff Writer Published: Oct 11, 2018

HESPERIA — It’s to the point where it’s not a question of whether or not catfish are going to bite at Hesperia Lake. They’re going to bite. The question is, will the big ones bite, and over the last few weeks, they have.

While last week’s flurry of half-a-dozen double-digit models – including a 15 pounder – is a tough run to follow, the 10-pound mark was reached once again with a supporting cast of plenty north of 5 pounds.

santiagopalaciosSANTIAGO PALACIOS OF La Puente caught this 8-pound cat at Hesperia Lake on nightcrawlers at the Finger.

Local angler Nathan Berry of Hesperia took the top spot with a catfish caught on shrimp at Sandy Point that went 10 pounds even. Next up was La Puente angler Santiago Palacios with an 8 pounder that ate nightcrawlers at the Finger, and Lorenzo Perez of San Bernardino used anchovies at Grassy Bank for a solid 7-pound cat.

Cody Berry of Hesperia stuck a 5.2 with Shrimp on Sandy Point which is where Fred Ash of Victorville scored a 5 on the same bait.

Other than shrimp appearing to take over as best bait option, stringers are being filled on just about any classic catfish bait including but not limited to garlic nightcrawlers, mackerel, chicken livers and the local favorite, the marshmallow/mealworm, or, M&M Combo.

The fishing has been so consistent all season at Hesperia Lake thanks to weekly 1,000-pound deliveries (Thursdays) from Superior Catfish in Arvin, Calif. Most are in the 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, but there are always a few biggers ones included with each plant.

The water temperature is consistently holding below 70 degrees, which is what is needed to support trout, but there is no estimated date for trout stocking to take over just yet. Thankfully, these big catfish plants will continue until trout arrive.

localanglerLOCAL ANGLER NATHAN Berry of Hesperia with a 10-pound catfish that ate a shrimp at Hesperia Lake’s Sandy Point.

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