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Catfish and panfish pacing action at Poway, trout on their way soon

BY BRADLEY SCHWEIT/WON Staff WriterPublished: Nov 01, 2012

POWAY — Lake Poway’s trout season is a few weeks away — Nov. 21 to be exact — so trouters have only a short while to wait before respooling reels and getting the dough baits and lures in order. In the meantime, however, the lake’s catfish and panfish populations are keeping anglers occupied.

“There have been some catfish caught in the deeper water on the Log Boom in the afternoon as well as off of the Fishing Float, said Senior Park Ranger Doug Smith. “Roger Damian of San Diego caught his limit of catfish on the Fishing Float using a mackerel and chicken liver combo just this morning (Wednesday, Oct. 24). Mackerel is still the bait of choice and time of day and patience are the keys to a successful trip.

POWAY STRINGER — Roger Damian of San Diego creeled this limit of channel catfish while soaking mackerel and chicken liver combos off Lake Poway’s Fishing Float on Wednesday, Oct. 24.  

“Look for the catfish to bite in the early morning in deep water and again in late afternoon. The bite will increase once the water temperatures begin to decrease. Shoreline fishing late last September and October was amazing, especially in places like Boulder Bay and Jump Off Point.”

Panfish have been showing off the rockpile at the north end of the log boom and around the east end of the log boom near the spillway. Stick with mealworms.

The lake is currently being filled at a rate of roughly 6 inches per day and it seems to have thrown the bass bite off a bit.

“The bass have been very erratic with their bite pattern over the past week,” Smith said. “They are deep off of the center barrel on the log boom, around the rockpile on the north end of the log boom and deep off of Jump Off Point. The Fishing Float has been the most productive shoreline spot because of the schools of baitfish and crawdads.

“Swimbaits and creature baits seem to be the best bet at this time. Fish the swimbaits deep and the creature baits around structure (rockpiles and Fish Float).

As mentioned above, the lake’s trout opener is Wednesday, Nov. 21, and 3,000 pounds of rainbows will be planted prior to the occasion.

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