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5-days flat limits of white seabass

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jul 11, 2018

SAN PEDRO/LONG BEACHOptions skipper Capt. Wes Flesch reported 5 straight trips of flat-out limits on white seabass while fishing various outer island locations.

One of the key ingredients was the live squid available at Nacho's bait receivers.

Flesch found the fish biting a bit later in the day than most were used to and was able to put his anglers’ baits in their path for a week before word got out and the full fleet joined him Sunday, he said.

limitsofseabassfiveLIMITS OF SEABASS, five trips in a row aboard the Options produced 5 photos like this one.

That day the outer island boats’ seabass scores soared. The Fortune found the right spot and strategy and with 22 anglers, putting 61 croaker on ice. Alongside, the Ultra was in on it early and turned in their score Sunday, with 10 anglers putting 11 croaker in the box along with limits of lings for 10 anglers and crew, and a halibut. The Monday before the big swell saw them put 10 anglers on 22 croaker, a lone yellow and halibut plus 21 lings and 60 reds.

The Outrider was early on the fish as well, finding not only seabass but some toad yellows on tap too, plus lings and limits of sheephead.

The pattern was similar along the coast, with an excellent local barracuda and bass bite early last week shut down mid week, only to come roaring back to life Sunday afternoon, all across the Long Beach Shelf.

The local boats, Monte Carlo, City of Long Beach, Native Sun and Victory clustered up alongside the L.A. ship channel and scored 6 sand bass with 119 barracuda, 12 sand bass with 79 barracuda, 66 sand bass with 132 barracuda, and 175 barracuda, respectively. The Enterprise hit the dock with their 53 Sunday 3/4-day anglers carrying off 100 skinnies along with 111 rockfish, 33 bass, and nearly 200 sculpin.

The local action was equally excellent on the other edge of the Shelf at Izors, reported Izorline Wendy who was returning from offshore aboard the private sportfisher Sea PA with owner Jim Miller, Dan Ward, and Dr. David Casey. As they came across the flats the birds made the activity unmistakable. Stopping produced wide-open fishing for hulking sand bass and medium barracuda, both on the iron and bait.

Long Beach Sportfishing's Tackle Shop Manager Steve Phelps reported on that bite as well as the Catalina Island action.

SEA PA SKIPPER Jim Miller with a grumpy 7-pound sand bass in wide-open local action while returning home from fishing offshore.

"Over at Catalina Island, the water was turned over compared to last week, but our full-day Island boat Ahra-Ahn has still been finding excellent calico bass fishing, along with a few yellowtail, barracuda, and rockfish to help fill the sacks. On Wednesday, they headed across with 19 anglers, and made a day out of it landing 55 calico bass, 50 + calico bass released, 33 perch, 14 barracuda, 48 rockfish, 4 sheephead, 15 whitefish, and 2 trigger fish. The yellowtail were up and around the boat most of the day, but wanted nothing to do with the hooked baits or jigs, due to the fact that they are focused and feeding on the large quantity of small bait that is currently around the island.

"Our 6-pack boats have been doing great over at Catalina Island as well, landing excellent numbers of both calico bass and white seabass. The Pacific Raider, on Monday, checked in with 30 calico bass (limits), over 60 calico bass released, 3 barracuda, 10 perch, and 5 vermillion rockfish for their 6 anglers on a full day run.

The 6-pack charter boat Dreamer, on an overnight trip, fished Saturday with 8 anglers, and had easy limits of white seabass to 40 pounds (24)."

The Eldorado did great on the outer island bottom biters throughout the week and was in on Sunday's full fleet gamefish action, but only accounted for a pair of yellows on top of sacks full of the bottom stuff. Also there was Freedom, tacking on 5 croaker to their full limits of rockfish with 60 whitefish for 15 anglers.

The king of the Catalina Island run, the Pursuit found the best bite was the calico action Sunday, with over 100 keepers to go with bags of mixed shallow water grabbers. Monday was their standout day for gamesters with 21 yellows, a croaker and a halibut to go with the 3-B's.

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