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Ventura: Gold Coast bite solid

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Aug 14, 2019

VENTURA/OXNARD — Catches among the fleet settled in on the good old days standard — rockfish limits for those fishing them, bass for those fishing the weeds and shallow reefs tight to the island. An occasional exotic spiced up the shallow water effort.

At CISCOS their bass charter boats Island Tak, Sea Jay and Aloha Spirit again pulled calico limits as crews with the skills to inspire bass to bite combined with charter groups who could pick a bait and had the skill to cast it deep into the weeds.

seabassandsmilesSEABASS AND SMILES aboard the Cobra at CISCOs.

Basically those boats whose crews occasionally fanned a dipper full caught a few bass for a few minutes on most stops, while those who put in the effort, never leaving the tank, never setting the chum scoop down and threw steady ones without a break got limits.

Those same charter boats saw a yellowtail or two caught each trip, while the outer island boats raked in rockfish limits along with some good lingcod scores.

Thursday the barracuda came to visit the 3/4-day boat Gentleman and the 28 anglers aboard accounted for 71 skinnies to go with a few bass and bottom biters.

CISCO's Mike Thompson noted, "Fishing this week at the Channel Islands was a little bit more of the same. While boats seem to focus on top water fishing, they are still dabbling in a little shallow water bottom fishing. Using live bait or artificial lures, anglers are catching calico bass, barracuda, and for some lucky anglers yellowtail. Dropping to the bottom is bringing up sheephead, whitefish, and sometimes a halibut. Overall fishing is good, but we are ready for the next big bite... The weather was good at the inner islands, but at the outer islands it got a little snotty. Wind limited the areas boats could fish, and over the weekend the overnight boats couldn't go out at all."

ROSE HERNANDES ABOARD the Island Spirit with her freshly caught coastal white seabass.

This week brings the full moon, and with it the season's final potential shot at a squid nest seabass and halibut. When it happens, it's usually focused in the western reaches, including those beds most exposed to the prevailing winds.

At Ventura Sportfishing Crystal Ying reported their big fish of the week as Yukun Liu's 25-pound seabass aboard the Island Spirit and Rose Hernandes' 15-pound yellowtail on the Island Spirit.

Sunday the Amigo managed an overnight outer island trip and put 20 anglers on 200 rockfish with a bonus of 111 whitefish, 5 lings and 5 sheephead.

The Island Spirit put up a solid score Saturday, with 27 anglers getting 97 calico with 47 keepers, 220 rockfish, 50 whitefish and a pair of white seabass, fishing along the upper Malibu Coast.

At Hook's Landing the New Hustler had 250 rockfish plus 28 whitefish, 20 calico, 13 sheephead, 12 lings and 3 sculpin on an overnight trip, while avoiding the windy weather dominating the western Channel Islands.

Anglers fishing the 1/2-day trips aboard the Estella targeted rockfish and did well, scoring 6 to 10 fish per rod in combination between rockfish, whitefish and others.

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